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Pay your rental at the time of online booking and save up to 15%

Pay your rental at the time of online booking and save up to 15%

How does it work? We offer you to get acquainted with simple steps to a profitable rent.

1. Enter the address and time of pick-up.

To do this, use the quick booking form on the main page or the form on the pages of the car fleet. Just in a few clicks you choose the place of pick-up, as well as the date and time of pick-up/return. If these are different places – uncheck the «Return in the same place».

step 1. enter the address and time

2. Car selection.

Select the desired vehicle from the available ones and click «Pay online». Please note that with this you get a lower price with a benefit of up to 15%.

IMPORTANT: this price is valid only for online payment.

step 2. car selection

3. Select options.

Be sure to pay attention to the reduction of liability by choosing a rental with full coverage - zero deposit. You can also choose the type of run (limited or unlimited), activate the protection of wheels and glasses, if you have a long trip, as well as select additional options.

step 3. select options

4. Enter your details.

Upload a photo of your passport and driver's license. If you have special requests, please describe them in the «Comment» box and proceed to payment.

step 4. enter your details

5. Online payment.

Enter your card details, confirm payment.

step 5. online payment

6. Get confirmation.

In the mail specified in the order, you will definitely receive a voucher with confirmation of the reservation and payment of your rent.

Remember! Payment of rent at the time of booking is always more profitable than at the company's office.

For an immediate auto booking, we suggest using the quick booking form located at the top of this page.

There are still questions? In this case, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the detailed video from our YouTube channel: