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Early booking of cars. Save up to 20%!

Early booking of cars. Save up to 20%!

Dear customers!

NarsCars has launched a new program that will save your time and money.
Surely you have repeatedly encountered the search for a car in the "hot season" when the choice remains not so great and the price is unjustifiably overstated. And you need to get exactly the car that meets your requirements at a normal price. Then the Early Booking service is just for you!
Practically in every business there are «hot» seasonal periods, car rental is no exception. In a period of high demand, as a rule, prices for rental cars are higher. But, do not despair!

Notice the change in the discount level for the summer period (01/05/2018 - 31/09/2018):

Discount for early car reservations*:
  • Reservation for 90 days – discount 7%
  • Reservation for 60-89 days – discount 5%
  • Reservation for 30-59 days – discount 3%
By using the «Early booking» you get a number of advantages:
  • fix car rental price
  • guaranteed to receive the selected car**
  • save up to 20% of the rental price
  • quickly and securely pay your order on-line

To use early booking, you need to make 3 simple steps:

  • Determine with rental period***
  • Select a car and place an order by calling us
  • Make a 100% rental payment in on-line form on our website. (IMPORTANT! Before payment, you must wait for the confirmation of the order by our manager: by e-mail, by phone, by Viber or by other means.)

* Discount applies to car rental services. Discount for additional services (navigator, child seat, selection, car delivery, etc.) will not apply. Early booking discounts are not combined with discounts of the NarsCars Discount Club loyalty system or other promotions – the discount that is greater is triggered.

** in those rare cases when for technical reasons we can not give you a reserved car, you will receive a similar car in the same class or class above.

*** You must book your car with early booking at least 30 days before the rental.