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Car rent for legal entities

Car rent for legal entities is very popular and useful service that allows  to optimize time and funds  for profit companies, state enterprises and organizations.

NarsCars company has favorable conditions and reasonable prices. Our clients receive the car in excellent technical condition. In the park there are no cars older than 36 months!

In what situations car rent company "NarsKars" can helps you:
  • your firm does not have its own cars;
  • own cars for your company is too expensive;
  • the car is necessary in some cases, and it's not worth it to pay for all costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of the car
  • optimization of structure of the company requires employees to get rid of non-core functions.

Car Rental helps solve these issues quickly and easily.

What you can expect for:
  • You get the car completely ready for operation;
  • you have no worries about the planned maintenance;
  • replacement car if the main is being repaired;
  • service and support, regardless of the time of day , each car is connected to the program NarsCars Assistance.

The lease agreement provides  full responsibility of our company for the functionality, maintenance and car insurance. All our cars are insured under the program full CASCO, and it means - even in the event of an accident or emergency, your company's costs are minimal - in the franchise under the insurance contract level 

How much is the car rental?

Tariffs for legal entities and state organizations depend on:

  • the number of transport leased;
  • brand cars;
  • the lease term;
  • car equipment.

When it comes to long-term rental, our company additionally provides a service of car equipment with all necessary equipment: air conditioner, navigation, acoustic Soup, parking sensors, leather upholstery, and so on (as agreed).

You are looking for a spessial model of the car  and we have no the same one?

Contact our experts. If the lease terms are more than a year and we signing a contract, our company  can buy the car spessial for you. We will consider all your wishes: lease terms, model and even color of the car!

During usssing  the car according to the contract:

Client should:

  • pay rent in time;
  • to provide access to the car at the request of the company for inspection , routine and unplanned maintenance.

The company provides:

  • a car that is fully consistent with the client's expectations, both technical and aesthetic parameters;
  • advicing on fleet management;
  • all maintenance actions required for operation: Car service, immediate replacement of car in case of breakdown or accident, payment of insurance CASCO system.

Pay attention!

Renting a car, you do not do maintenance and repair of machines, insurance. These costs, in accordance with tax legislation, are included in the costs of the company, and therefore taken into account in taxation.