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Car rental in Kropyvnytskyi

car rental kropyvnytskyi

Even if you have your own car, there are many situations when it is not practical to use it. The rental service is popular among guests of the city, as well as among its residents.

Car rental in Kropyvnytskyi will provide freedom of movement around the city if you are on a business trip. Also, often you need a large roomy transport to transfer guests to various events.

You can rent a car for several days (1-3), for a week (4-9 days) and for a longer period (10-25 days). The longer the total usage time, the cheaper the daily rate. The lowest price for long-term use is from 27 days.

Car rental registration rules in Kropyvnytskyi

Car rental in Kropyvnytskyi gives you the opportunity to move freely and comfortably! And the NarsCars company has simplified the registration procedure as much as possible.

The driver is required to:

  • age over 23;
  • driving experience not less than 2 years;
  • provide documents: passport, driver's license and identification code.

Then there are three options:

  • leave a deposit, the amount of which depends on the chosen class (from 300 to 1400 dollars). These funds will be returned to the client after the vehicle has been inspected as a result of its use;
  • take advantage of a non-collateral lease. In this case, you need to cover additional insurance and compensate for possible risks, so the daily rate is slightly higher;
  • leave 50% of the deposit.

rent a car in kropyvnytskyi

What cars are in the NarsCars fleet?

  • with diesel and gasoline engines, as well as electric cars;
  • the most popular brands: Kia, Audi, Hyundai, Toyota, Skoda, Ford, Suzuki, Range Rover, Volkswagen, Mazda, Lexus, Daewoo, Mitsubishi, BMW, Mercedes, etc.;
  • in a different body: hatchback, sedan, convertible, minivan, SUV (crossover), etc.;
  • with automatic and manual transmission.

Car rental NarsCars in Kropyvnytskyi is a company that offers to rent a car in Kropyvnytskyi of any type and class. It can be a budget option or a chic executive model.

When choosing a temporary vehicle, it is necessary to focus on personal needs and tasks that need to be completed. Pay attention to engine power, fuel consumption, number of seats, and trunk volume. It is highly recommended to choose an SUV if you are planning to travel in country and poor road surfaces.

We are always ready to help you, to guide you on the functionality and capabilities of our cars. Call to get advice!

Absolutely all cars in the fleet are in perfect condition, there are no models older than 4 years. For use, you will receive an insured, refueled, guaranteed serviceable, clean car - ready for any trips, including long-distance ones!

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