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Renting in NarsCars is a convenient and profitable way to solve transportation problems for companies that do not want to spend money on buying cars or cannot afford it.

Toyota Corollaor similar | Middle
from $800
month with VAT
Suzuki Vitaraor similar | SUV
from $800
month with VAT
Toyota RAV 4or similar | SUV
from $1200
month with VAT
Hyundai Tucsonor similar | SUV
from $1200
month with VAT
Couldn't find a car among those offered?

Tell us the details and we will buy a new car for your project.

We guaranteed for youOur cars will do everything for your business
  • Large selection of new cars
  • Vehicles less than 3 years old
  • Cars are insured with LDW and SLI
  • Scheduled and current repairs at our expense
  • Substitute car for long repairs
  • Tyre replacement: seasonal and wear-out
With us you receiveMany benefits for business clients
  • Partner with more than 10 years experience in the market
  • Special price
  • Rent a car in any city in the country
  • Launching a project in 1 day
  • Payment with VAT
  • 24/7 Service
When renting a car is the right choice

What situations can rent a vehicle from NarsCars solve?

  1. Your company does not have its own fleet
  2. To maintain transport for your company is too expensive
  3. You only need a car from time to time, and it's not worth paying all the costs associated with buying and maintaining a car
  4. Optimization of the staff structure and release from non-core functions of employees.

Car rental helps to solve all these issues quickly and easily:

  1. You receive a car completely ready for operation
  2. You don't have to worry about car maintenance and repairs
  3. A replacement car in case the main one is being repaired
  4. Service support, regardless of the time of day - every car of the company is connected to the NarsCars Assistance program.

How to rent a car for legal entities?

Car rental for business is a service available to both private companies and government agencies. To get transport for a period from a couple of months to 3 years, it is enough to follow a sequence of simple steps.

First you need to select the necessary car brands. Our car rental offer includes foreign cars of different classes, from economy and business to SUVs, minivans and premium cars. The cost primarily depends on the class. In addition to the vehicle model, you need to decide on its technical characteristics:

  • body type (sedan, pickup, hatchback, station wagon, minivan);
  • transmission type (manual, automatic);
  • fuel type (gasoline, gas, diesel, electricity);
  • trunk volume and the availability of additional places for transporting luggage, etc.

When you have studied the car rental offer and selected the best options for your business, you need to limit the period of use of the service. You can rent a car from us for any period of time:

  • daily;
  • from 6 days to 1 month;
  • from 1 month up to 6 months;
  • from 6 months to a year;
  • for several years.

The cost of services directly depends on the duration of their use. The most profitable offers for the company are those where the contract period ranges from 5-6 months to several years.

When you have studied the car rental offer, selected the necessary models and their characteristics, and determined the terms for which the rental is issued, you must definitely read the contract. It is there that all the terms of cooperation, the cost of services, the sequence of actions in force majeure circumstances and much other important information are prescribed. After signing the contract, your company can immediately receive the previously selected cars.

Advantages of car rental for legal entities

  • your company can get its own fleet of vehicles without spending money on its maintenance;
  • You can get transport at any time of the day, it can be delivered to your home or office;
  • The rental offer is distinguished by a variety of car brands and models;
  • You can have any number of cars at your disposal;
  • for corporate events you can get many identical cars;
  • rental provides 24/7 support;
  • For each rental company, we provide an individual offer with the most comfortable conditions;
  • mutual settlements with rentals are convenient for any business;
  • affordable cost of rental services;
  • Car rental for business is processed quickly and with a minimum package of documents.

How much does car rental cost for legal entities?

Car rental for legal entities is not only useful, but also an affordable service. Its cost depends on the following factors:

  • make, model and technical features of the car being rented;
  • the period for which the rental is issued. It’s more profitable to sign up for a 4-6 month contract than a daily one; well, it’s more profitable to sign up for a contract for a couple of years than for 1-2 months;
  • whether the company is a VAT payer;
  • Is there a need for additional services?

The cost also depends on whether the vehicle is rented for self-driving or whether there is a need for a driver.

Depending on the chosen tariff, the mileage limit may differ. On average it is 350 km per day. If the period is 1 month, then the limit is 10,500 km per month. If you choose an offer for several months, the rental will be unlimited in terms of mileage.

In addition to unlimited mileage, long-term car rental for legal entities allows you to receive individual service conditions, constant consultations and an integrated approach. The car rental company itself monitors the deadline for passing the technical inspection, obtaining insurance, and pays for these services itself.

Documentation for car rental for legal entities and businesses

To arrange a rental for legal entities for any period, it is enough to provide the following package of documents:

  • a document confirming the authority of a person to act on behalf of the company;
  • registration documentation;
  • identification;
  • driver license.


What can I get by ordering a service from you?

  • By cooperating with us, you will receive a fleet of fully operational vehicles. At the same time, you do not need to worry about undergoing scheduled maintenance, insurance or difficulties with the car. We have an offer for any client and 24/7 support.

For how long can I rent a car?

  • You can get a car from us for any period. But it is much more profitable to rent it for several months or years than to rent for 1-2 months, because in the first case you have individual terms of service and a more favorable price.

What to do if you don't have a suitable car?

  • If our offer does not meet your needs, contact our specialists. For long-term cooperation, we can buy cars “custom-made”. In this case, all your wishes will be taken into account: make, model and even color of the car.


By renting a car, you relieve yourself of additional efforts and costs for maintenance and repairs, as well as mandatory car insurance. Also keep in mind that the costs of renting vehicles are included in the expenses of the enterprise, which means they are taken into account for tax purposes.

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