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Car hire in Odessa with Narscars

Car hire in Odessa

There are a few reasons why many tourists choose car rentals in Odessa. First of all, they get an opportunity to visit the historical monuments of the city and in the neighbourhood. They can avoid inconveniences of travelling by public transport and organize interesting trips to their friends or children. And last but not least, they can save lots of money using rented cars instead of taxis.

Due to the high-quality services, renting a car in Odessa will take you no longer than ordering a lunch. As for rental period, it can be minimum one day. The maximum period is unlimited. You can take a car for as long as you need. Renting a car for a long use will also get you preferential rental conditions.

Best Rental Car in Odessa

One of the most reliable car rental companies in Odessa is Narscars. It has a good reputation and attractive offers. For example, it allows customers to rent a car without paying any bond. They also have many unique offers like renting electric car Nissan Leaf for only $45 per day. The company ensures technical assistance 24/7 and has a separate hotline to support its clients in emergency cases.

Another advantage of renting a car through Narscars is the huge variety of models on offer. Starting from budget-friendly Suzuki Swift and ending with luxurious Lexus RX350 - they have all types of cars. Plus, all of these cars are practically new (no older than 2015) and are in perfect technical condition.