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Car Rental Services in Odessa

Car hire in Odessa

Odessa is a famous city in Ukraine that welcomes thousands of guests every day. It is a recreational city that offers touristic services for both Ukrainian citizens and foreign visitors. Besides, it is a highly important industrial hub and a big port. In such a big and hectic city, getting around can be a hassle if you rely solely on public transportation and taxi services. Therefore, Narscars offers accessible and extremely comfortable car hiring solutions for everyone visiting this beautiful city.

Car renting services are already immensely popular all around the globe because of the undeniable convenience and affordability. Such solutions are quickly gaining recognition in Ukraine as well. Renting an auto in Odessa will solve a wide range of issues when it comes to certain situations. No matter whether you are a Ukrainian citizen or just a visitor, here are some of the circumstances in which you might find a rental vehicle very handy:

  • A rental car in Odessa allows getting to your destination quickly and comfortably. With public transportation, traveling is long, tiresome, and inconvenient. Each bus or another public vehicle stops all the time to pick up the passengers, and it is almost always full of people because of the large number of tourists. In addition, using taxi services is more pricey than actually hiring a car;
  • Some occasions might require a more luxurious car. Driving a luxurious car model will help with creating a favorable impression on your business associates or a person you like;
  • Running business errands and having designated trips is not always convenient if the enterprise does not provide a regular car for such purposes. Maintaining a full fleet is expensive as it will require regular technical service and a lot of parking space. That is why renting a car in Odessa is a great option for smaller and medium-sized businesses;
  • Before making an important decision of purchasing a car for yourself, it is essential to be sure of the model you are going to buy. Ordering a specific car for a ride will help you make your mind and select the best option.

Hiring a Car in Odessa for a Reasonable Price

Everyone has different possibilities and might find certain car rental options unaffordable. NarsCars provides multiple options to make sure that everyone can hire a car:

  • You can select a lower class vehicle for your needs. All the cars we offer are in perfect condition, although some luxurious models are more costly because of their brand name;
  • Paying in advance turns out cheaper than booking a car without prepayment;
  • Place an order on the official NarsCars website. By doing so, you can save about 15% of the price.

If you prefer hiring a car for a long time, we have a special reduced tariff and can settle at a certain price for daily usage.

car rental in Odessa

How can I Hire a Car in Odessa?

To use our car hiring services in Odessa, it is essential to meet such criteria:

  • Each driver must be at least twenty-three years old;
  • It is mandatory to have a respective driver’s license;
  • Every driver should have two or more years of experience.

We can sign the contract if you provide your license and a passport (a regular or a foreign one). For the Ukrainians, it is also obligatory to provide an ID code. A car can be booked in the following ways:

  • By filling in the necessary fields on the official webpage;
  • By calling a company manager via the phone number stated on the site;
  • By talking to the company worker in our office.

You can pick up your vehicle at one of the renting points or simply order it to any place that is convenient for you.

Odessa Car Hiring: the Range of Models

We offer a huge variety of cars that will satisfy every client:

  • You can select a car of any class starting from the economy and up to the luxury models;
  • Some of the most well-known models are BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai, Range Rover, and Ford;
  • We offer both traditional fuel-powered cars and those running on electricity.

car rental in Odessa downtown

Car Rental in Odessa Free of Prepayment

To hire a car, a client needs to pay a certain sum in advance as hazard insurance. The terms and conditions cover the following positions:

  • Safety deposit. The amount is different for each vehicle depending on its price;
  • The opportunity to make various kinds of payment;
  • The guarantee that your prepayment will be returned after you provide the car back.

However, we offer car rental without any prepayments by purchasing a special damage waiver service.

The Advantages of Using the NarsCars Car Rental in Odessa

Odessa is one of those big cities that make traveling on public transportation not the most comfortable solution. Here, renting a vehicle is almost a necessity, and NarsCars offers the following services:

  • A huge variety of car options;
  • Competitive and accessible prices;
  • Quick and very easy process of placing an order;
  • A number of additional services such as GPS technologies and children safety seats;
  • Round-the-clock customer service.

Hiring a car in Odessa was never that easy and comfortable!