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Rent a car in Odessa

Car hire in Odessa

Car rental is a sought-after service in many countries around the world that has long ceased to be considered a luxury. Personal vehicles provide maximum comfort of movement and independence from urban transport, allowing you to more efficiently manage your own time.

Rent a car in Odessa - the benefits

There are always many visitors in Odessa - tourists and businessmen from different cities of Ukraine and other countries. However, regardless of whether you are local or have arrived from afar, there are quite a few situations where car rental will be profitable and convenient:

  • getting around the city and surrounding area on a rented vehicle will be cheaper than a taxi, while you will be driving comfortably without spending time waiting at the bus stop and not pushing in public transport;
  • if you want to make an impression, for example, to arrive in a smart car for a business meeting or a date, you can also rent a car, choosing the right model and equipment (with leather interior, audio system);
  • sometimes, to solve business issues, a company needs cars for a certain period, but it’s expensive to maintain your own fleet, so it’s much more advisable to turn to car rental.

However, to be sure that the car will be served on time, with a clean interior and a full tank, in excellent technical condition, you need to contact the professionals of your business.

car rental in Odessa

Rent a car in Narscars is easy and profitable

Our clients are people of various means who value comfort, personal time and safety. For them, we have developed a simple online booking procedure: just a few mouse clicks, and you can be sure that the right car will be served right on time!

To rent a car in Narscars, you must be over 23 years old and have driving experience of at least 2 years, and also provide a passport and driver's license.

Prices for the company's services depend on several factors:

  • selected car model (class, equipment);
  • rental period (we provide cars by the day, individually agree on a rental for longer periods or hourly);
  • we can take a car without a deposit, but this option will cost more, as the cost of rental should cover the company's risks.

At the same time, tariffs remain quite democratic. In addition, "Narscars" guarantees that you will be served a serviceable car that fully meets the specified characteristics.

Why is it better to rent a car in Narscars?

A personal vehicle is a convenient means of transportation, especially in such a large tourist city as Odessa. It may be necessary both for business needs, and for sightseeing, trips to the suburbs, to remote beaches, to the airport, to serve the celebration.

A few reasons to contact our rental service:

  • a large selection of new cars of various sizes, capacity, class and configuration;
  • all cars are fully insured and in excellent technical condition;
  • a simple procedure for ordering a car on the site;
  • convenient payment options;
  • quick execution of the contract;
  • round-the-clock support service;
  • the ability to rent a car without or with a driver;
  • additional services: rental of child seats, DVR, GPS-navigator, etc.;
  • timely auto feed;
  • regular promotions, affordable prices.

Do not deny yourself the opportunity to be mobile and do more! Rent a car in Narscars - we will not let you down!