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#Car rental is even cheaper
Lottery discounts

Lottery discounts

Lottery discounts from Nars Cars

Car rental «Nars Cars» always committed to offer its customers best service. Therefore, we have developed and implemented a unique loyalty program.«Lottery Specials» for the second rental . С  card  you can receive  discountfrom -5% to -30%, it all depends on your luck ;)

*The terms of participation

 1  Place of Promotion  –  throughout Ukraine.
 2  Card Issue Period  – after the first lease
 3  Card expiration date  –  until use 
 4  Discount not can be converted to cash equivalent and issued to the Participant in cash.
 5  Card MAY BE TRANSFERRED TO 3rd Parties.
 6  Discount does not apply  on the cost of additional options and services, the size of the deposit and is not summarized with other discounts.
 7  To participate in the Promotion  just become our customer and GUARANTEED GET THE CARD !! 

  **For more information call +380 067 120 6584 

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