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Офис, ул. Набережно-Луговая, 29
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Офис, ул. Набережно-Луговая, 29
Пн-Вс 9:00 - 18:00
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Comfortable and fast car rental in Lutsk

car rental in lutsk

Why use public transport or look for a taxi all the time if you are temporarily staying in Lutsk? Rent a car of a suitable class for the required period and move with comfort.

This service may be required for:

  • transfer from/to the airport or train station;
  • business tasks;
  • transportation of guests at weddings and other events;
  • transportation of personal belongings when moving;
  • test drive of the model you like before buying it;
  • substitution of a personal car in case of his stay at the service station.

Call us and consult by phone about the most suitable model. We will show you which vehicle is best suited for solving specific problems.

Why us?

NarsCars provides a car rental in Lutsk on the most favorable and transparent terms:

  • simple design;
  • the ability to pay online;
  • deposit and without deposit rental;
  • a wide selection of cars of different classes, brands and models;
  • clear tariffs;
  • CASCO and civil liability insurance is included in the price;
  • daily service;
  • the possibility of registration outside working hours;
  • a number of additional services.

rent a car lutsk

Rental conditions

Car rental in Lutsk without a driver can be rented daily or for a longer period. The most profitable period is considered to be more than 25 days. To complete the contract, you must be over 23 years old, have a driving experience of at least two years and provide a package of documents:

  • driver's license;
  • passport;
  • TIN (for residents of Ukraine).

NarsCars provides an opportunity to rent a car in Lutsk without a deposit. For many, this is an excellent opportunity to solve tasks quickly and easily without freezing personal funds. In this case, the cost of the service will be slightly higher, which is necessary to cover the company's risks and purchase additional insurance.

Vehicle selection

The company's car fleet includes hundreds of vehicles in excellent technical condition. We do not have cars older than 4 years. If you want to rent a car in Lutsk, you can choose among the following:

  • class: economy, middle, premium, business, smart, minivan, SUV, commercial, convertible;
  • brand: Volkswagen, Skoda, Hyundai, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, etc .;
  • body type: sedan, hatchback, van;
  • fuel: gasoline, diesel, electric car;
  • transmission: automatic or mechanic.

Regardless of which model you order, you are guaranteed to get a working, insured, refueled and clean car exactly at the agreed time. You can pick it up and return it at the rental car park or at any convenient place in the city by ordering a paid delivery service.

You can also additionally rent a child car seat, Wi-Fi router, GPS navigator, video recorder.

Make a rental now! NarsCars guarantees maximum comfort from using the service.