Rent a car without deposit with Full Insurance

Enjoy your trip to the fullest, we will take care of the rest.

Add the Full Insurance option to your application and don't worry about the risks of body damage. All costs will be covered by insurance.

If you do not add Full Insurance to your claim and return the vehicle with damage, then the cost of the repair will be deducted from your deposit.

It is very easy to add Full Insurance when placing an application on the website:

Full insurance includes all the most important:

  • There is no need to leave a large deposit.
  • No fines for damaging the car body.
  • Zero liability for damage to glass and headlights.
  • Car wash is included in the price.
How «Full Insurance» Works 

Important to remember! If you do not report the accident and do not record the insured event, the insurance company will not be able to process the payment and all the costs of restoring the car will fall on you.

The list of insured events does not include: 

  • refueling with fuel that does not comply with the regulations for the technical operation of the car;
  • driving in a state of alcoholic, toxic or drug intoxication;
  • violation of the terms of the lease;
  • damage to the interior, tires, glass, disks and chassis elements of the vehicle.
Should any of these situations result in damage to the rented vehicle despite having Full Insurance, the client will fully cover the refurbishment.
Travel without worries!
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