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Loyalty program

Loyalty program "Number of rentals in NarsCars" is an innovative and profitable system designed specifically for our regular customers. We strive to make car rental not only convenient, but also enjoyable for everyone who chooses us as a partner in car travel.

The essence of the program is that the more times you rent a car from NarsCars, the greater the discount will be.

Rental discounts: Each subsequent rental gets cheaper as you accumulate the discount based on the number of rentals. This is a great incentive for you to return to us again and again.

2-4 rent
5-7 rent
8-11 rent
12+ rent

To participate in the loyalty program, you just need to rent cars from us. We automatically track the number of your rentals and give you full benefits when you reach certain thresholds.

Loyalty program "NarsCars rentals" was created to thank you for your loyalty and show how much we appreciate our long-term partnership. Renting a car becomes not only convenient, but also profitable when you become part of our loyal customer base.

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