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Rent car in Dnepr


Car rental in Dnipro

Hire a car in Dnipro

The most convenient means of transportation in major cities is considered to be a personal car that allows you to plan your time, providing mobility and complete independence. Dnipro is one of the largest cities in Ukraine, and if you arrived here on a business trip or as a tourist, NarsCars offers to use the car rental service. Renting a car in the Dnieper in our company is a reasonable decision if you want to spend your vacation comfortably and have time to finish all scheduled business.

Among the many guests of the Dnieper, which is a large industrial city, a business and scientific center of our country, are not only businessmen, scientists and industrialists, but also tourists. They are attracted by local attractions and lots of beautiful places of relaxation in the picturesque suburbs. But city residents can even rent a car in the Dnieper, even those who have their own car, if they need:

  • organize an event with a large number of guests;
  • rent a premium executive car to impress your business partners at a business meeting;
  • replace your own car at the time of repair;
  • use the car for business needs, as many companies do not have the ability to maintain their fleet.

Car rental in Dnipro: affordable, simple and convenient

Our company offers car rental in Dnepropetrovsk inexpensively. You can choose for yourself, based on your needs, personal preferences and financial capabilities:

  • a car of a suitable class, model, configuration;
  • additional services and options (DVR, GPS-navigator, child seat, experienced driver services and others);
  • rental period: the longer it is, the lower the rental cost per day;
  • rental conditions: to make or not to make a deposit, which also affects the cost.

Making a car rental in Dnipropetrovsk is very simple and convenient - you just need to call us or book a car online on this site. When booking online, you will receive a car at a lower rate (15% cheaper).

Car rental in Dnipro

Car rental in the Dnieper: how to make a rental?

Any person over the age of 23 years who has a driver’s license and at least two years of driving experience can rent a car in the Dnieper. To do this, he needs to contact the rental office and present:

  • civil or foreign passport;
  • driver’s license in which personal data is written in Latin letters.

The car is issued at the rental point or delivered to the place indicated by the client (this service is paid).

Car rental in Dnepropetrovsk without deposit

At NarsCars, you can get a car rental in the Dnieper by depositing a deposit reduced by 50%, or without a deposit, subject to payment of the additional options Top Cover LDW and Super Top Cover LDW, respectively. With a zero deposit, you will need to pay a guarantee amount for fuel and car wash. When you return a clean car with a full tank, we return this money to the client. Guaranteed Amount:

  • 50 USD for economy class cars;
  • 100 USD for the rest of the car.

Car rental in Dnipro downtown

Advantages of car rental in our service

Car rental in Dnepropetrovsk is profitable, quick and easy to arrange at the NarsKars company. Our main advantages:

  • a wide selection of technically sound, modern, insured cars of any class;
  • the ability to book the desired model online and by phone;
  • operational execution of the contract;
  • the most affordable rental price in Ukraine;
  • favorable conditions for corporate clients.

If you are interested in car rental in the Dnieper - contact our company!