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Rent car in Dnepr

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Car hire in Dnipro with Narscars

Hire a car in Dnipro

Today, almost a million people live in Dnipro. It is a wonderful city that welcomes tourists, businessmen, and students. No matter what your reason for coming to Dnipro is, you need to see all of it. The best way to do that is to rent a convenient car.

Dnipro can offer you the versatile list of cars for rent. Though, the most popular choice among visitors is reliable and reasonably priced Volkswagen Polo Sedan. Its price per day may vary from $46 to $29. If you are a fan of electric cars, you should pay attention to Nissan Leaf, which can be rented in Dnipro as well. Its price is $45 per day.

Best Rental Car in Dnipro

Almost anyone can easily feel like the owner of a super expensive Mercedes S500 or cross the famous bridges of Dnipro driving a BMW 520. Want to know what one needs to do to make it happen? Just rent these cars.

You can easily rent any luxury car in Dnipro. With Narscars, the whole process of signing papers can take even less than 15 minutes. However, the cars are rented only to those who have reached 21 (23) and have driving experience of more than 2-4 years. Another condition is paying the bond. It may vary from $300 to $1500 and more. You can pay by cash or credit card. The bond will be repaid to you as soon as you return the car. On the other hand, Narscars gives you an opportunity to choose a little more expensive rate which does not require paying the bond and gives you additional bonuses.