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    1. 1. What are the requirements for a car renter?

      - everything is very simple here:

      - at least 23 years old;
      - driving experience from 2 years.

      The decision to admit a driver who does not meet these requirements is made individually.

    2. 2. What documents are needed for booking?

      - passport;
      - driver's license;
      - TIN (for citizens of Ukraine).

    3. 3. Can I only drive in the city?

      - moving on a rented car is possible throughout Ukraine, with the exception of the uncontrolled territories, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the exclusion zone (Chernobyl).

    4. 4. Is insurance included in the price?

      - yes, insurance is included in the price.

      Your maximum liability in the event of damage to the vehicle or an accident is the amount of the deposit.

      For this, all conditions of the contract must be observed.

    5. 5. Is a credit card required to book a car?

      - the most convenient way to pay for our services is to pay by credit card.

      But even if it so happens that you have cash, the rent can be paid in cash in national currency.

      It is the same for posting a deposit.

    6. 6. Is it possible to return a car in another city?

      - yes, there is a "One way" service - you can return the car in another city.

      This service is paid, the cost depends on the distance between settlements.


    Despite the fact that there are a huge number of gas stations on the roads of Ukraine, not all of them have fuel that meets international standards. When refueling with low-quality gasoline, your vehicle can quickly fail and require expensive repairs.


    Archaeological and ethnographic values, centers of decorative arts, castles and estates, magnificent nature - this is what Slobozhanshchina, the historical northeastern region of Ukraine, is rich in. The region was formed on the border of three states (the Crimean Khanate, Muscovy and the Commonwealth) in the 17-18 centuries.


    Even with ideal road conditions and excellent visibility, the most qualified driver can be a participant, if not the culprit, of accidents. Unfortunately, not a single motorist in Ukraine is insured against such incidents. And if everything is clear with your own car, you make your own decisions, then rented transport is a completely different matter. Therefore, even before leaving the rental point, it is worth collecting as much information as possible “just in case” in order to understand how to act correctly.


    A hundred years ago, almost simultaneously in Europe and the United States, the idea of giving your car to everyone for temporary use appeared. There are several contenders for the title of the pioneer of this business, thanks to which today in Ukraine

    Car Rental Services in Ukraine

    At Narscars, we offer the most accessible and high-quality rent-a-car service in the country. Our working hours allow renting a car at any suitable date and time as we work 24 hours and 7 days a week. Our managers are always ready to help with selecting the perfect car model to satisfy all your requirements.

    Quick and Simple Car Hire Solutions

    Many drivers choose to hire a car instead of buying their own vehicle for various reasons. Often, to hire a car is much more practical, and here are some of the most popular occasions:

    • Business trips and running errands;
    • Touristic journeys;
    • Special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations;
    • Taking a short trip to the train station or the airport.

    In these scenarios, it is usually more affordable and quick to use car hiring services than drive your personal car or ask someone else. In case you prefer to drive around when you are on a holiday, it is recommended to get to your destination by plane or other transportation method and book a car online rather than spend many hours driving yourself. Huge celebrations are also usually held with the help of professional drivers; so, the guests do not have to be concerned about driving.

    In case you are a businessperson and you are always on schedule, it is rather inconvenient to use your personal car for work. Maintaining a vehicle takes a lot of time and money, but having a car rented for a specific time frees you from such responsibilities. In addition, you will not have to think about parking, which can often be extremely difficult and time-consuming in a big city.

    Some people might still think that car booking is costly and demanding. However, modern and trustworthy booking car services such as NarsCars show that budget car rental is a perfectly convenient and affordable option. The process of renting a vehicle in our company is extremely quick and simple. In addition, if you place an order via our website, you can have up to 15% discount. All you will need to do is to select a suitable day, time, and location for picking up and giving the car back. We will take care of everything else.

    Book Cars with Narscars is Completely Reliable and Transparent

    Ordering a car for rent is no longer luxurious but completely accessible service for everyone. Here at Narscars, you can expect:

    • The new car models in perfect working condition;
    • A wide range of models to choose from. Each car has full insurance;
    • The cars supporting GPS and Wi-Fi;
    • The car is always delivered in time, clean, and fully fueled;
    • The prices are competitive and reasonable for everyone. We will find the most suitable option just for you.

    NarsCars also offers some additional services to satisfy all your needs:

    • Renting a GoPro, child security seat, Internet router, GPS equipment, tape recorder, and so on;
    • Hiring a car with a professional driver. Such service is discussed individually, and the qualified and skilled company driver is provided to accompany you;
    • Corporate offers for those who want to rent a car for long periods;
    • Scheduled and flexible car booking for every hour.

    Our main goal is to provide the variety and accessibility for each of the clients. The NarsCars fleet is diverse, and it allows renting a vehicle for any budget. You can choose from economy cars to luxurious models, from passenger cars to minivans. On our official website, you can find all the necessary information about car renting as well as estimate the cost of your order. You can also contact our managers via the phone number on the website in case you need any help.