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Car rent for a person

How to book a car?
- Via the order form on the NarsCars website
- Call the phone number listed on the site
- Directly at company offices
Tenant requirements
- At least 23 years old
- Driving experience of 2 years
Required documents
- Passport
- Driving license (driver data must be written in Latin letters)
Payment options
- Cash
- Visa/Mastercard payment cards
- The deposit is paid by the client upon signing the contract
- The amount of the deposit depends on the class of the rented car. The deposit amount can be reduced by purchasing additional options for reducing liability: Top Cover LDW or Super Top Cover LDW.
- The security deposit is paid either in cash or by blocking the security deposit on the Lessee’s credit card.
- The return of the deposit is made at the time the car is returned to the lessor, subject to the terms of the contract
Deposit amount depending on the class of rental car:
Car class Collateral Amount, USD $
Economy 400
Medium 600
Business 800 - 900
SUV 900 - 1000
Insurance and liability reduction options
LDW - Coverage in case of accident or theft/hull insurance(included in the price)*
This option reduces the Lessee’s liability (deductible) in case of damage or theft of the car, to the level of deposit (pledge). This rule applies to all persons authorized to drive a car under a rental agreement.
THIRD PARTY LIABILITY** - third party liability insurance(included in price)
This option covers the driver’s liability to third parties in case of damage, including damage to passengers and their property when using the NarsCars vehicle.
TOP COVER LDW/Partial coverage car rental(reduced liability for damage)
This option reduces the Lessee’s liability in case of damage or theft of the car.
Collateral and deductible are reduced by 50%.
SUPER TOP COVER LDW/Car rental with full coverage(zero liability for damage)
This option reduces the Tenant’s liability to zero. Deposit - $0, Franchise - $0
A warranty amount is required, which is used to cover the cost of fuel or car washing:
  • economy class - $50
  • middle class and above - $100
When returning a car with a full tank and in its pure form, the guarantee amount is returned to the Lessee.
The options TOP COVER LDW and SUPER TOP COVER LDW do not apply to Premium vehicles.
Attention! Payment by credit card at the office of the company is made directly by the cardholder with a passport!
- Daily mileage limit - 300 km. In the event of a mileage, each kilometer is paid additionally according to the tariffs of the company.
- The lessee can order the service "Unlimited mileage" so as not to limit himself in kilometers. The cost of the service according to the tariffs of the company.
Car pick-up is possible:
  • at NarsCars rental offices during business hours (from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Mon to Sat)
  • at the client’s address (paid service)
  • during off-hours at the office, and at the client’s address (paid service)
The car is issued in its pure form and with a full tank of fuel
Car return possible:
  • at NarsCars rental offices during business hours(from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Mon to Sat)
  • at the client’s address (paid service)
  • in a city where there is no NarsCars rental point - “One way” service (additional charge)
  • during off-hours at the office, and at the client’s address (paid service)
The car returns clean and with a full tank of fuel
When you return the car in a dirty form and not with a full tank of fuel, the tenant makes an additional payment according to the tariffs of the company.
Border Crossing
Departure beyond the borders of Ukraine is impossible.
Online payment terms
The tenant must be the owner of the credit card with which payment is made / made. The credit card must be valid at the time of receipt of the car.
For online reservations with full prepayment, the following refund conditions apply:
Situation Description Commission (non-refundable amount)
The client failed to appear and / or did not report: do not return
The client reported later than 3 days before the rental date: 10% of the amount
The client reported earlier than 3 days before the rental date: 5% of the amount
Upon refund, the order will be canceled. From the moment the order is canceled, NarsCars is not obligated to secure your reservation if a new one is not made. Paid reservations are subject to change at an additional cost.
Penalties against the Lessee in case of damage to the Car or returning incompletely:
Type of damage/damage repair work, incomplete return of the Car, as well as Additional costs/services Cost in equivalent(according to Car class), USD
Economy, electric car, smart, commercial Medium, business Premium, 4x4, minivan
Scrach 1 body part 100 150 200
Polishing 1 body part 50 55 70
Replacing a windshield or rear window 400 450 650
Replacement of headlights or other optics 250 350 600
Repair 1 interior parts 50 65 80
Dry cleaning, smoking in the cabin 100 100 100
Wheel cap loss 40 40 50
Wheel or tire damage 165 220 280
No keys to the car at the time of drop-off 250
Lack of certificate of registration of the vehicle and / or damage or loss of the navigator, or loss of state license plates at the time of return 150
Lack of a service book and/or compulsory civil insurance policy at the time of return 150
Traffic violation 150
Crossing the border of Ukraine and/or staying in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, in the settlements in the territory of which the state authorities temporarily do not exercise or do not fully exercise their powers, in the areas of the anti-terrorist operation without prior written agreement with the Landlord 2000
Delayed return of the Car at the agreed time and place, if such a delay exceeds 12 hours in the amount of a deposit
* renting a car with partial coverage reduces the penalty for damage by 50%. Does not apply to incomplete return of the Car, border crossing and delayed return.
Tariffs for additional options and services
Useful options Price, USD / per day
GPS Navigator 4
Wi-Fi router 4
Baby seat 4
Tablet Card(iPad 2017) 6
GoPro Action Camera 6
Additional services Price, US dollars
"Unlimited mileage" service (price per day) 10 - 30
Issue / return of the car to the customer address 20
Extra charge for the service after hours (18:00 - 9:00 from Monday to Saturday, Sunday and public holidays - around the clock) 20
"One way" service - returning a car to another city 100 - 200
Additional driver free
Penalties and compensations Price, US dollars
Overspeed (per kilometer) 0.2
Fuel surcharge for returning with an incomplete tank, per liter 1.2
Surcharge for washing if the car is returned in a dirty state 10
Other tariffs Price, US dollars
Airport tax 20
Payment is made in national currency in accordance with the commercial rate of PrivatBank CB PJSC set on the payment date.
* All insurance conditions become invalid in the following cases:
  • the rented car is used to tow another vehicle;
  • the client takes part in races and / or competitions;
  • the client is driving while intoxicated;
  • the rental car is driven by a person who is not indicated in the rental documents;
  • in other cases specified in the rental agreement.
** Third-party liability insurance means insurance in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On compulsory civil liability insurance of land vehicle owners" dated 01.07.2004 No.1961.