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Rent a car for a long period

A service that will allow you to save money and time.

Dear customers!

Both private individuals and companies/organizations may have a need to rent a vehicle, with the lease term being from several months to several years.

The company &nquo;NarsCars» will help you to solve this need and will provide the car for rent for the required period.

Why is it advantageous to deal with our company:
  • Experience – we work in this area since 2012!
  • Simple – minimum of documents and time for registration!
  • Special service cost! For a rent of 30 days non-standard prices are applied.
  • Rent with a buy-out is one of the useful options for a long-term rental.
About cost
The prices differ from the basic ones!
When calculating the cost of the service, the rental period, the seasonal load and the type of the selected car are taken into consideration. In order to calculate the rental price for your period and choose auto, call us by phone.

This service is available to both private customers and legal entities(companies and organizations)

Why is it beneficial for enterprises and organizations:
Money - your company does not bear costs for non-core units (garage, logistics, etc.);
Troubles - your company is not engaged in technical maintenance of transport – this is our concern! For the period of repair or planned maintenance, you get a substitute transport.
Taxation - your company makes all payments with VAT and carries 100% of the costs.
Performance - your company has the ability to manage transportation costs during off-season periods of your business – having stopped rent for the necessary period!
Efficiency - your company in a few days can provide new employees with transport and they will immediately begin to fulfill their tasks. At the same time, you do not have costs associated with the acquisition of cars: registration, insurance, etc.
Risks - your company has minimal liability in the form of an obligatory franchise under a lease agreement, in the event of damage to a rented car.
Accounting - your company does not have the additional time and financial costs associated with accounting and bookkeeping for the contents of a personal car fleet

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