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Rent car in Kiev


Rent a car in Kiev without a driver

Hire a car in Kiev

Car rental today is becoming a popular service in our country. Car rental in Kiev allows you to get as comfortable and quick as possible to anywhere in the city without spending money on a taxi, as well as saving yourself from exhausting trips in public transport, which take a lot of time and effort. In our company, you will be promptly and without delay leasing the right model of car or several cars.

If you have a driver’s license, you can rent a car for personal use. Car rental in Kiev without a driver may be needed in the following cases:

  • if you come as a tourist or at work, and want to move freely around the city and its environs. Even if you have your own car, but you live far away, it’s wiser not to tire yourself of driving for many hours, but to rent a car in Kiev;
  • if necessary, get to the airport for departure or to the station (while leaving the car in the parking lot);
  • to replace your own car under repair;
  • for business needs, including companies that do not have their own fleet.

Car rental - a simple solution for a metropolis

It is difficult to quickly get to the right place in a large metropolis without a personal car - the most convenient, independent and mobile vehicle. But not everyone has their own car, and people who have a car are not always comfortable, and sometimes it is not practical to use it. If you rent a car in Kiev, you can:

  • move freely and quickly around the city;
  • transport cargo of small dimensions;
  • arrange a tour for guests or a family trip to the countryside;
  • arrange a transfer for business partners;
  • test the model of car you have chosen to purchase.

rent a car in Kyiv

Car rental in Kiev: what does the cost depend on?

The cost of a car rental is calculated for each specific case, since it depends on a number of factors:

  • car class: renting an economy class car will cost less than an SUV;
  • rental period;
  • the presence or absence of collateral;
  • booking methods: a rental car in Kiev, ordered from us online, will cost 15% cheaper.

When renting a long term or several cars, NarsCars company offers discounts.

How to rent a car in Kiev

Any person over the age of 23 who has a driver's license and 2 years of driving experience can rent a car in Kiev. To do this, he must provide:

  • passport;
  • a license to drive a car in which his personal data is written in letters of the Latin alphabet;

The car is issued at the rental points or at the address specified by the client (this service is paid).

rent a car in Kyiv down town

Our fleet

NarsCars company offers to rent a car of the following classes in Kiev:

  • smart or A-segment microcar;
  • economy class - cars of segments A and B;
  • middle class - C;
  • business class - D;
  • premium car segment F;
  • SUVs;
  • minivans;
  • commercial cars.

A complete list of brands and models of cars offered for rent in Kiev, you will find in this section of the site.

Rent a car in Kiev daily and long term

You can rent a car in Kiev with NarsCars for the following days:

  • 1 to 3 days;
  • 4 to 9 days;
  • 10 - 25 days;
  • 26 and more days.

The longer the rental period - the lower its cost per day.

car rental in Kiev

Is it possible to rent a car in Kiev without a deposit

The security deposit is taken upon signing the contract in the amount of:

  • 400 US dollars for economy class cars;
  • 600 - for an average car, "golf class";
  • 800-900 - for business class cars;
  • 900-1000 - for representative cars and SUVs.

It is possible to rent a car in Kiev without a deposit or with a deposit of 50%, but the rental price will be higher so that the company can cover the risks by including the cost of insurance in the payment for the service.

Advantages of car rental in NarsCars

Car rental in Kiev with NarsCars is convenient and profitable. Our main advantages:

  • affordable rates;
  • a wide selection of new, modern, technically sound machines;
  • the ability to book a car online and various payment methods;
  • timely delivery of the car when booking;
  • simple rental procedure, uninterrupted daily service;
  • full car insurance.

Additional services from NarsCars for the convenience of customers

A client can order additional services and equipment from our company, such as:

  • rental of a chair for a child, a DVR, an action camera GoPro and other devices;
  • delivery and return of a car to the specified address;
  • car rental in Kiev with a driver;
  • unlimited mileage;
  • service on weekends and holidays.

If you need a rental car in Kiev - order it at an affordable price in our company!