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Renting a Car for Yourself in Kyiv

Hire a car in Kiev

Even though hiring a car has already been a common practice in other countries for many years, such services are only becoming more widespread in Ukraine. Getting around the big capital can cause a lot of difficulties, particularly if you have to get somewhere quickly and for a fair price. With NarsCars, you will no longer need to spend tiring hours on public transport. Our team will help you with choosing a perfect car for you.

Any driver can hire a car in Kyiv at any given time. You can have a desire to utilize a rental car for many reasons, and here are just some of them:

  • If you arrived in Kyiv for touristic purposes, renting a car is an excellent time and funds saver, and you will have the opportunity to look around the city as much as you want and with comfort;
  • Driving your personal car to the airport or a train station is inconvenient because you will need to leave the car somewhere or have someone pick it up. Car rental services in Kiev allow driving the auto to your destination and leaving it for the employees to collect;
  • Sometimes, you may be unable to use your car in case of the repair works. In this case, hiring a car for a short term is extremely convenient;
  • Many businesses require driving around the city and even the whole country while not providing cars to the workers. Signing a contract with a car rental company in Kiev is a very economical and useful solution.

Driving around Megapolis with Car Rental in Kiev

The bigger the city, the harder it is to navigate around if you depend only on public transportation. The handiest solution is a car, but not everybody has a personal vehicle. Having a car requires a lot of money and time spent on maintaining it and parking, particularly if you need to park in the city center. Many people do not need a car that often, which makes purchasing it an unnecessary waste of money. With the help of car hiring in Kyiv, you will be able to:

  • Navigate around the capital fast and without difficulties;
  • Transfer small shipments if necessary;
  • Have transportation for a journey with your close ones;
  • Drive your business associates around in comfort;
  • Test driving a certain car you consider purchasing for yourself later.

rent a car in Kyiv

Setting the Prices for Renting Cars in Kyiv

To learn the price of your specific order, it is necessary to take into account a few different factors:

  • The class of the car. At NarsCars, you can find a car from economy class to premium models;
  • The amount of time you will need the car;
  • Placing an order with or without a deposit;
  • The way of booking a vehicle. If you decide to order through the official website, you will be able to save about 15% of the price.

In case you want to use car hiring services for a long period, you can expect a discount at NarsCars.

How Can I Hire a Car in Kyiv?

To be eligible for car rental in Kiev, you have to be twenty-three years old or more and have no less than two years of experience behind the wheel. Here are the official papers you must submit to rent a car:

  • A passport;
  • A license.

The car can be taken at one of the renting points or at any place you specify in advance.

rent a car in Kyiv down town

The Variety of Vehicles at NarsCars

With NarsCars, you will be able to select the most suitable car for yourself. Here are the types of vehicles you can choose from:

  • Microcars;
  • Economy grade city cars and superminis;
  • Small family cars;
  • Business cars;
  • Luxury cars;
  • Sport utility vehicles (SUV);
  • Minivans;
  • Commercial vehicles.

Renting a Car in Kyiv for a Day and Long Periods

There are many flexible options for the number of days you can use a rental car. You can book a vehicle for one to three days, for ten to twenty-five days, for 26 days and more.

The period of usage is customizable, and, depending on your own necessities, the price will vary. The longer you drive a rental car, the cheaper the service will be per day.

You also have an option of hiring a car without prepayments or with a payment at half a price. However, this option will make the cost of the rental service itself higher. The safety deposits are necessary for covering any risks that might occur during the time of car usage.

car rental in Kiev

The Benefits of Hiring a Car from NarsCars

We offer the most convenient and accessible car renting services in Kyiv. Here are some of our key advantages:

  • Reasonable prices;
  • A variety of cars in perfect condition;
  • An option of online booking and different ways of payment;
  • Your car will always be delivered in time to any place you want;
  • Customer support 24 hours 7 days a week;
  • Each vehicle is insured and safe.

Other Convenient Services Provided by NarsCars

To make your customer experience as comfortable and secure as possible, we offer some of the additional services for your consideration:

  • You can order a children safety seat, GPS equipment, a GoPro, and another tech;
  • There is an option of picking up a car and returning it at the places you choose yourself;
  • You can order a vehicle with a professional driver;
  • We work every day of the week including the holidays.

If you are looking for a car rental in Kiev, look no further!