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Car rental in Kiev

Hire a car in Kiev

Car rental service is becoming increasingly popular and popular in the capital of Ukraine and other major cities in the country. Rental service allows you not to depend on public transport, do not overpay for taxi services and move around the city with maximum comfort. In the company Narscars you will pick up the desired model or a fleet of vehicles and arrange the rent quickly and without unnecessary red tape.

Car rental - a simple solution for the metropolis

A personal vehicle is a convenient means of transportation that provides mobility and independence. With the modern rhythm of life, this is especially important, and regardless of whether you are relaxing in Kiev or working, renting a car will save you time and money.

When you may need to rent a car:

  • you arrived in the city by train or plane and rented vehicles for free movement around the city and surrounding areas;
  • you need transportation to go to the airport or train station to get to your destination comfortably and safely leave the car in the parking lot;
  • a car is needed to solve business issues;
  • transportation is required to service events.

Some people prefer to always use their own transport, but this is inconvenient and impractical. For example, it makes no sense for a company to acquire a fleet of vehicles if it will be used from time to time - the cost of maintaining cars is much more than the cost of rent for the required period. A tourist is much more convenient to rent a car upon arrival in the capital than to get from afar, exhausting yourself for long hours behind the wheel.

rent a car in Kyiv

Rent a car - what does the cost depend on?

The rental price is made up of many factors. Rates affect:

  • rental period;
  • car class (economy, medium, business, premium, SUV, minivan);
  • availability of deposit (you can take the car without it, but this option is more expensive because the company needs to pay back the risks);
  • booking method (with online order up to 15% discount).

In Narscars, each case is considered individually, customers are ready to meet, especially in cases of long-term lease or when ordering several cars.

car rental in Kiev

Renting a car in Narscars is easy and profitable

Our car rental service is focused on customer convenience. We do not have to spend time collecting the necessary papers and settling questions: specify the time and date - and we will select the car that best meets your needs. To rent a car, you need:

  • passport;
  • driver's license;
  • driving experience of 2 years;
  • not less than 23 years old.

For the convenience of customers, Narscars offers additional services:

  • rent a GPS navigator, child seat, Wi-Fi router and other devices;
  • possibility of renting for any period: by the day, for a week, a month, if necessary - hourly;
  • rent a car without a driver and with him on individual conditions;
  • a car for corporate clients (with the possibility of buying a car for certain requests).

The advantages of renting a car in Narscars:

  • affordable rates;
  • 100% guaranteed timely delivery of the car when booking;
  • convenient online car order and several payment options;
  • a large selection of modern cars in excellent technical condition;
  • full insurance;
  • simple procedure and uninterrupted service!

We can rent a car at an affordable price and not worry that it will break down and let you down at the crucial moment. Save without sacrificing comfort and safety. If you have to rest or solve business issues in Kiev, book a car in Narscars!