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Hire a car in Kiev

Modern pace of life requires mobility and permanent motion. When time is so valuable, people realize that cars are very convenient means of transportation. And in a big city like Kyiv, automobiles can be one of the best ways to explore it. That’s why those who have their own transport unavailable during traveling often use car rental services in the capital of Ukraine.

Renting a car in Kyiv is quite simple. There are lots of rental companies that offer high-quality services at a wide range of prices. However, the demand is also high. So, if you’ve decided to rent a car, make sure to book it beforehand.

Cheap Rental Car in Kyiv

Kyiv rentals offer a large variety of cars. All of them can be divided into several categories like Minivans, Cabriolets, SUVs, Middle Class, Premium Class, etc. Obviously, the cheapest cars belong to Economy Class. The most inexpensive models like Chevrolet Aveo and Smart Fortwo can cost $20 per day. The cheapest offer on the market is $14 per day. However, it is much better to rent a car for long periods of 15-30 days. In this case, most companies can give you a pretty good discount. If you are a steady customer, your discount can become even bigger.