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The person renting a car must have a valid driver's license, driving experience of at least 2 years, and at least 23 years of age.
The decision to admit a driver who does not meet these requirements is made individually.

Yes, in this case you can rent a car from NarsCars. Driving licenses of other countries are recognized by the legislation of Ukraine.

- Passport
- Driver's license
- TIN (for citizens of Ukraine)

You can book a car on our website using a 24-hour booking form, or you can use the help of our telephone consultant from 09:00 to 18:00, who will gladly accept a car reservation from the selected price group and offer the best for your needs.

Yes, a rental car can be driven by two, three or more drivers. When booking, just select the option “Add. driver". We request the data of the second and subsequent drivers only after receiving and processing the car rental order.

In theory - in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions - we require you to place a car rental order at least 24 hours before the scheduled date of its submission.

In practice, if we have a car and there are no other logistical problems, we can deliver the car to the client even within 2-3 hours from the moment of receiving the car rental order.
However, you should remember that the number of cars in the NarsCars fleet is limited, so if you need a car for the weekend, "long weekend", Easter, Christmas, New Year or summer holidays, you need to book even a few weeks in advance.

Yes, but we never give a 100% guarantee for a specific car model for short-term bookings (1-29 days). However, we guarantee that you will receive a car from the price group you have chosen or higher - of course, at the booked price.

This is due to the fact that NarsCars cars are in constant motion, they do not stand still and do not wait for a client who has booked a car, for example, 2 months. Due to the huge number of random events such as car damage, breakdowns, lost keys, etc. in car rentals, we cannot determine if car availability will change.

You can change/cancel your booking free of charge.

Receipt / Return of the car

Yes, there is such a service and it is paid.
Working hours from 08:00 to 19:00

Yes, at most airports our offices are located directly in the terminals (details in the contact section).
In those airports of the country where there are no offices, we deliver cars and our employees will meet you at any time of the day.

Issuance of a car is possible at the client's address anywhere in Ukraine.
The service is paid.

Of course, the work phone of the Driver who will deliver the rented car to a particular city can be obtained by contacting our hotline (+38 067 120 7318) or via the chat available on our website, as well as by e-mail. ([email protected]).

Cars rented from NarsCars are issued with a full tank of fuel and the rented car must be returned with the same fuel level.

It is possible to return the car with less fuel in the tank than when you received the car, but this implies the need to pay for the difference in the amount of fuel.

The rented car at NarsCars must be returned in the same clean condition in which it was received.

Of course, we try to keep every car we rent clean.

In case of returning a dirty car, the Renter will be charged an additional fee. pay.

The terms of the car rental agreement are available on our website in the tab: Download

During NarsCars rental

Moving on a rented car is possible throughout Ukraine, with the exception of the war zone.

Yes, there is a "One way" service - car return in another city.
This service is paid, the cost depends on the distance between settlements.

The daily mileage limit is 300 km, but not more than 4500 km per month. In case of overrun, each kilometer is paid additionally according to the company's tariffs;
IMPORTANT! The tenant can order the "Unlimited mileage" service so as not to limit himself in kilometers. The cost of the service is according to the tariffs of the company.

It is forbidden to use a rental car for a taxi!

If we are informed at least 48 hours in advance of the desire to further extend the car rental and the rented car is free, it is of course possible to extend its rental. However, we are also ready to extend the rental of the car, even if its scheduled return was to take place "in a few hours" - of course, provided that there is no reservation for this car.

You can return the car earlier, but please inform us 2 hours before the planned return of the rented car.

Payment / Deposit

Yes, you can rent a car from NarsCars. We do not require a credit card when renting a car, payment for car rental can be made with a regular payment (debit) card.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay for a car rental by a third party.

Visa/Mastercard payment cards
Cashless payment with VAT
Apple Pay and Google Pay
Online payment on the site (there will be a discount)

Drivers who issue cars always have wireless payment terminals with them.

Yes, we can issue VAT invoice for car rental.

The deposit is your maximum liability in case of damage to the car or an accident. To do this, all conditions of the contract must be met.

All car rental prices shown on our website are in gross amounts and include VAT.

Unfortunately, American Express cards are an exception for NarsCars.
Payment by American Express card for car rental in NarsCars is not possible.


If you are late for the agreed return of the rented car, please let us know by calling the hotline number (+380671207318) or by e-mail ([email protected]).

Exceeding the duration of the rental by more than 3 hours entails an increase in payment as for all subsequent days.

In the event of an accident involving a rented car, you need to call the police at the scene of the accident, report to the rental company.

In the event of a rental car breakdown, contact our hotline immediately.

If the defect has been reported to the Customer Service Department at tel. +380671207318 or e-mail ( [email protected] ) immediately after renting a car - of course, you will receive a refund for changing a light bulb or for replenishing the missing washer fluid in a rented car. Unfortunately, accidents can happen to anyone.
However, if you use the car for several hours, days or weeks, and the rented car has a burnt out bulb or washer fluid, due to the fact that these are typical working parts of the car, you must replace / replenish them yourself and at your own expense - for safe and a comfortable journey.

Discounts / Loyal customer

For our regular customers we offer all kinds of discount vouchers, contests and our Loyalty Program.
Already after the first car rental, you will receive a one-time 5% discount voucher for the next car rental in NarsCars.

Loyalty Program
We appreciate and love our Clients, we have developed a loyalty program for you, so that everyone who contacts us can receive a high level of service and pleasant bonuses.
Our customers receive a permanent discount from 10% to 20%


2-4 rent


5-7 rent


8-11 rent


12+ rent

Car rental discount codes can be obtained after the first car rental. In addition, on our website there is online payment when booking a car, where you automatically receive a discount (always more profitable than paying later)
For our regular customers there is a loyalty program where you can get a discount of up to 20%.
You should also subscribe to our Instagram @narscars_ukraine - there are also various promotions.

How to extend a rental?

No, you can't use multiple discounts!

- passport;
- driver's license;
- TIN (for citizens of Ukraine).

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Volkswagen Amarokor similar | Pickup
Volkswagen Amarok
1-3 days
$127 / per day
4-9 days
$122 / per day
10-25 days
$92 / per day
26+ days
$83 / per day
Nissan NV1500or similar | Commercial
Nissan NV1500
1-3 days
$68 / per day
4-9 days
$63 / per day
10-25 days
$57 / per day
26+ days
$53 / per day
Nissan NV2500or similar | Commercial
Nissan NV2500
1-3 days
$68 / per day
4-9 days
$63 / per day
10-25 days
$57 / per day
26+ days
$53 / per day
Citroen Berlingoor similar | Minivan
Citroen Berlingo
1-3 days
$77 / per day
4-9 days
$72 / per day
10-25 days
$66 / per day
26+ days
$61 / per day
Honda Accordor similar | Business
Honda Accord
1-3 days
$84 / per day
4-9 days
$75 / per day
10-25 days
$70 / per day
26+ days
$61 / per day
Mazda 3or similar | Middle
Mazda 3
1-3 days
$62 / per day
4-9 days
$47 / per day
10-25 days
$41 / per day
26+ days
$37 / per day
Renault Koleosor similar | SUV
Renault Koleos
1-3 days
$77 / per day
4-9 days
$72 / per day
10-25 days
$66 / per day
26+ days
$61 / per day
Toyota Proace Versoor similar | Minivan
Toyota Proace Verso
1-3 days
$188 / per day
4-9 days
$160 / per day
10-25 days
$138 / per day
26+ days
$111 / per day