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How it works
  • Meeting at the office
  • Checking the car
  • Conclusion of the contract
  • Renting out
  • Payments

Narscars offers all owners of its cars cooperation on favorable terms.

Car Holders may surrender their rental and earn extra income. All that you need is an insured car in good condition, we also guarantee the customer, integrity, timely payment of all with regard to the issuance and acceptance of the car.

We accept foreign cars from the "economy" to "business" class is not older than 5 years old, free of defects and in good condition. We are responsible for cars, monitor and take care of them both for their own. In our interest to download the entire fleet of vehicles, our client base is large enough, and not a single car will not be idle.

Earning has never been so easy and assured, all that is necessary - it is simply execute the contract with our company, and each month receive a good percentage of the money earned.

Narscars- it is profitable, and really convenient!

Let your car brings you profit!

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