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Car hire in Lviv with Narscars

Car hire in Lviv

Renting car in Lviv is the best solution when you are on holiday or business trip. You’ll get mobility and comfort at the same time. Yes, walking around the Old Town of Lviv is nice, but there are so many other historic places in the region available only to visitors with cars. When you come to Carpathian resorts, you should explore the beauty of the mountains as well. And there is no better way to do that, than driving around.

If you have a passport, driving license, and a credit card or cash, you can have your car in 15 minutes. The minimum renting period is one day. The maximum period is not limited.

Best Rental Car in Lviv

When picking out the best rental car in Lviv, you should pay extra attention to the vehicle you are about to drive. The most appropriate choice you can make is to rent a car from Narscars. They have only the newest cars on offer. The oldest models in their car fleet have been produced in 2015. Plus, they are probably the only company that can rent you a car without the requirement to pay a bond. Their prices are pretty reasonable as well. The middle-class models like Mitsubishi Lancer X can be rented for only $30 per day. And if you are not willing to pay the bond, the price will be slightly higher ($45).