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Rent car in Lviv

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Rent a car in Lviv

Car hire in Lviv

Personal car has long ceased to be a luxury - in the modern world it is a convenient means of transportation, which provides mobility, comfort and independence from the timetable of public transport.

Rent a car is convenient and profitable

Rent a car is a popular service all over the world. One it allows you to eliminate the cost of maintaining your own car and, if necessary, use car rental services, the other - getting to your destination by train or plane, rent a vehicle for sightseeing.

Lviv is a major cultural and tourist center of Ukraine. The old district is quite compact for hiking, but many attractions are located at a considerable distance, as well as outside the city. Of course, it will be most convenient to inspect them when traveling by car, but it is not always convenient for tourists to travel here by car, spending long hours behind the wheel. Therefore, renting a car is a great option for a tourist who wants to see as much as possible without sacrificing comfort.

If you are going to solve business issues, a rented car will help you act faster, more efficiently. For a businessman, it is also often more advisable to rent a car, choosing a model of a representative class, than buying a similar car. The service is also in demand for a trip to the airport or train station, for an important meeting, because you cannot always rely on a taxi.

Car rental in Lviv

Rental cars in Narscars - it`s fast, easy, inexpensive

Many still believe that renting a car is a lot of paperwork and a lot of money. However, our procedure is simplified as much as possible, and the tariffs are so democratic that the company's services are available to everyone. It is only necessary that the client was at least 23 years old and have a driving experience of at least 2 years.

When making a rental you will need:

  • passport;
  • driver's license.

The cost of rental will depend on several factors:

  • model and class of the selected vehicle;
  • lease term;
  • availability of deposit - we offer our clients the option of renting without deposit, but this option will be more expensive.

In addition, online booking gives an additional 15% discount.

It’s better to rent a car in Lviv from Narscars

A few reasons why you should contact the Narscars rental service:

  1. In our fleet, only new cars that are regularly serviced. Large selection of models of various sizes, capacity, class, with different configurations (air conditioning, navigation aids, leather interior).
  2. When making a preliminary reservation, the company guarantees delivery of the car at a specified time, with a clean interior and a full tank.
  3. Reasonable prices, regular promotions, individual discounts.
  4. A convenient form for ordering a car on the website, several payment options.
  5. The ability to rent a car without a driver, and with him. All our drivers have the necessary qualifications and know the city perfectly.
  6. Rent for different periods: daily, weekly, monthly, and hourly.
  7. Additional services: rental of a DVR, GPS-navigator, Wi-Fi router, child seat and other devices.

Car rental at Narscars is a modern service that provides ease of movement in the city and its surroundings. At the same time, the service is inexpensive, and ordering a car and processing a contract will take only a few minutes. If you value comfort and your time - contact Narscars and travel with pleasure!