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Офис, ул. Набережно-Луговая, 29
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Офис, ул. Набережно-Луговая, 29
Пн-Вс 9:00 - 18:00
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Rent a car in Uzhgorod

car rental uzhgorod

NarsCars company offers car rental in Uzhgorod. We have a service for processing documents outside working hours, so urgent orders are for us!

If you are over 23 years old and have a driving experience of at least 2 years, you can arrange a daily or long-term rental. We only need a scanned copy of your passport, license and identification code.

The rental price depends on the class of the car and the duration of the service. The fixed amount (deposit) ranges from 300 to 1400 dollars. This frozen deposit will be returned to the customer after the vehicle has been inspected.

It is possible to arrange an unsecured lease or reduce its size by 50%. In this case, the rental price per day will be higher, which is necessary to cover additional insurance and reduce risks.

The transfer of the car is carried out in the parking lot. But you can order an additional paid option - delivery to the desired address at a specific time.

In what cases is rental profitable?

Car rental in Uzhgorod is popular among city guests and permanent residents. And it's not always about the lack of a personal car. Sometimes it's just not advisable to use it.

The rental service will be more profitable:

  • to transport guests at weddings and other events, including corporate;
  • to meet clients or partners;
  • if you came to the city for the purpose of tourism or for solving business problems, but want to have freedom of movement;
  • want a full-fledged test drive of a certain model before buying a personal car;
  • as a substitute for your own car while it is being repaired;
  • for business needs, if you do not have your own vehicle fleet.

rent a car in uzhgorod

Car rental in Uzhgorod from NarsCars

Car rental Narscars in Uzhgorod boasts an impeccable reputation and a high level of service. Most of our clients came on the recommendation of their friends. And, as a rule, they all share again.

Why choose Us?

  • transparent conditions and reasonable rates;
  • we carry out promotions on a regular basis and provide individual discounts;
  • CASCO insurance is included in the price;
  • simple registration with a minimum package of documents;
  • the possibility of booking and paying online (this will reduce the total cost by 15%);
  • we work every day, including on holidays and weekends;
  • we provide a car seat and useful gadgets: video recorder, Wi-Fi router, GPS navigator, action camera, tablet;
  • we provide 24/7 customer support.

In addition, we provide a truly wide range of vehicles. Renting a car in Uzhgorod through our company will allow you to take into temporary operation the most suitable transport for specific tasks. There are different classes and the most popular models. Both transmission options are available - automatic and manual. Electric cars are available.

The cars of the vehicle fleet are insured, all of them are not older than 4 years and are in excellent technical condition. Make a lease now directly on the website or call us!