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Car rental abroad


Planning a trip abroad and want to rent a car, but do not know how to properly execute the documents? Where is it more profitable to order the car rental service abroad - even in Ukraine or upon arrival in the country? How to get insurance for a rented car and what should be spelled out in the contract? Let's look at everything in order.


Making car rental abroad

As well as when renting a car in Ukraine, we recommend to draw up an agreement in advance. Thus, you can choose the most convenient vehicle for traveling. The cost of rent depends on the class of the selected car and the necessary additional services.

You will need to pay extra for:


  • full insurance;
  • car seat rental, navigator, Wi-Fi router;
  • departure to the territory of another state, rent with return to another country;
  • returning the car to another place / city (One Way service);
  • driver if you need his help;
  • exceeding the maximum mileage per kilometer.


If you have planned a trip for several weeks or months, use the Early Booking service and get an additional discount on car rental. If you know that you have to travel a lot, it’s better to take a vehicle without a mileage limit. Renting a car abroad is available to both the physical and legal to face. For example, if you are on a business trip, you can issue a lease agreement for your company.

When signing the documents you pay the deposit - in cash or by blocking the security deposit on a personal credit card. If at the end of the rental period all the conditions of the transaction are met, the car is delivered without damage and on time, the deposit is returned.

List of required documents

To rent a car with a trip abroad, you need the following documents:


  • passport;
  • driver's license (driver's data must be written in Latin letters);
  • identification code (for citizens of Ukraine).


If possible, to travel abroad, issue an international driver's license. In most countries of the European Union that have signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Georgia, the Czech Republic, etc.), this document may be requested from you.

If you are going to visit the countries that signed the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, it is better to have with you both an international and national certificate.

Also note: at the time when you arrange car rental abroad, you as a driver must be at least 23 years old, and your driving experience must be more than 24 months. In many European countries (Poland, Czech Republic, France) driving is allowed only from 21 years.

If there are two drivers, it must be fixed in the contract. In the event of an accident, if a person was driving, the stay of which was not officially registered there, the insurance of the car and the health of passengers would be invalid.

Each driver has the same requirements.

Rent a car abroad: insurance

For each car rented in our company, basic insurance is provided. But in order to protect yourself completely, we recommend purchasing an additional package of services with the possibility of taking into account all unforeseen situations.

Car rental abroad is issued with such types of insurance:

  1. LDW. Basic service included in the rental price. Covers costs in cases of accidents or theft / CASCO. Applies to all persons authorized to drive a car under a lease agreement.
  2. THIRD PARTY LIABILITY, or TLP (Third Liability Protection), or TPL (Third Party Liability). Also included in the base cost of hire. Third party liability insurance. Valid for damage, in particular in the event of personal injury to passengers and damage to their property.
  3. TOP COVER LDW. Reduced damage liability. For cases of theft or damage to a rented car. When you make this insurance deposit size is reduced by half.
  4. SUPER TOP COVER LDW. With this type of insurance, your accident liability will be zero. This insurance without deposit and payment of the franchise.

Franchise - this is the amount that we stipulate in advance when you make a contract. In case of damage to the vehicle or other incident, the deductible covers the costs of the tenant. The rest we pay extra.

The advantages of ordering car rental abroad in Ukraine

Of course, you can arrange to rent a car abroad, for example in Europe, on arrival. But we recommend to address this issue while you are still in Ukraine.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Favorable tariff. Our prices are focused on the Ukrainian consumer. All services are cheaper than abroad. We will select a suitable rate for you. We have a large range of cheap cars and luxury vehicles.
  2. Payment in hryvnia. No need to buy currency and lose money on the exchange.
  3. Understandable rental conditions. The manager will contact the rental point in the country to which you are planning the trip and clarify all the details. There will be no reason to worry that you will not find a common language with a service representative. The whole package of services is negotiated and issued in advance.
  4. Ongoing native language support. If you have a problem, you can contact our office at any time. The manager communicates in Ukrainian and Russian languages ​​and will help to understand the situation.
  5. Individual approach. We take into account all the features of your wishes when choosing a car. We will find a reliable vehicle for a long journey, and a VIP-class car for business trips.
  6. Reviews about the company's services and cars in plain language.

You can order a car rental abroad by phone, using the special form on the website or in person at our office. We work in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov, Dnieper, Poltava.

Before the trip we recommend to study the rules of the road, parking and use of toll roads in a particular country. This will help you make the trip successfully and safely. And search for a reliable car trust us!

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