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Rent car in Kharkov


Rent a car in Kharkov

Car hire in Kharkiv

Kharkov is one of the largest cities in eastern Ukraine, the second most populous city in the country, with about one and a half million people. A city with a long history, an economic and scientific center, it attracts many tourists and guests who come here on business trips. Car rental in Kharkov is a popular service that will make it convenient to move around the city for sightseeing, and will quickly and efficiently solve business-related issues.

A personal car provides maximum mobility and freedom of movement in large cities, so it is impossible to replace it with any other vehicle, even with a well-developed structure of public transport. Car rental in Kharkov can come in handy if you:

  • arrived in the city for a few days and you don’t have too much time to resolve all issues to walk or stand at stops waiting for public transport;
  • want to move around the city with comfort, having the opportunity to go at any time and in any direction;
  • you live in Kharkov without your own car, but you need it periodically, for example, for traveling with your whole family in nature or for meeting with a business partner;
  • you are the owner of the company, and sometimes you need transport to solve various issues, but it’s not economically profitable to maintain your fleet.

Cheap car rental in Kharkov

NarsCars company gives everyone the opportunity to arrange car rental in Kharkov at an affordable price. The cost of this service depends on the following factors:

  • car class: the cheapest rental price is for economy class cars, which include cars of segment A and B according to the European classification, such as Skoda Fabia, Chevrolet Spark, Daewoo Lanos, Kia Rio and others;
  • rental period: the shorter it is - the more expensive it will cost to rent this car in Kharkov per day;
  • ways to order a car: when booking it online on our website, the rental price will be less by 15%;
  • availability of collateral: unsecured rent will cost more, because the company must minimize its risks.

Given all these factors, you can choose a rental car in Kharkov at a more affordable price.

Car hire in Kharkiv downtown

How to rent a car

In our company, you can quickly and without too much paperwork rent a car in Kharkov, book it online on the website or call the indicated numbers. To do this, you must be at least 23 years old and have a driving experience of 2 years. To complete the contract, you must provide:

  • passport, civil or foreign;
  • driver’s license.

You can pay the rent in cash at the rental office, by bank transfer or by credit card. You can pick up the car at the rental point or order a paid delivery service to the specified address. The machine is issued clear and with a full fuel tank.

Car rental in Kharkov: reliable and profitable

Having its own large fleet of vehicles, NarsCars company offers in Kharkov to rent cars of different brands. These are modern cars of the latest models, in excellent condition, which will not let you down on the road, will not stall or break. At the same time, you do not spend money on their maintenance, maintenance and repair, and for convenience you can get a rental:

  • child seat, if you come to rest with a child;
  • GPS-navigator and a tablet with maps to navigate well in an unfamiliar city;
  • video recorder or action camera;
  • Wi-Fi router.

You can rent a car in Kharkov with a driver, as well as rent a car for events or corporate clients. We agree on rental conditions individually with each customer and are always ready to meet the needs of customers.

car rental in Kharkiv airport

Car rental in Kharkov without deposit

At the conclusion of the lease, a deposit is provided, which is paid in cash or by blocking the required amount on the client's bank card. Its size depends on the class of the car, ranging from 400 to 1000 USD. But by paying for additional options that include reduced liability, you can:

  • halve the amount of the deposit - Top Cover LDW option;
  • rent a car without collateral - Super Top Cover LDW.

Advantages of car rental in Kharkov at NarsCars

The main advantages of renting a car in our company:

  • a wide selection of machines of different classes, makes and models;
  • affordable, competitive rates;
  • liability insurance included in the rental price;
  • simplicity of car rental;
  • daily service.

Want to rent a car in Kharkov? Order it directly on our website!