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Renting a Car in Kharkiv

Car hire in Kharkiv

Being one of the biggest Ukrainian cities, Kharkiv welcomes thousands of visitors from other cities and countries every day. It is a city of high importance economically, scientifically, and culturally. Previously, it was the first capital of modern Ukraine, which explains the popularity and significance of the city.

Other countries and cities with such high traffic are taking advantage of incredibly useful services such as rent-a-car. Naturally, car rental in Kharkiv is becoming more and more popular as well. Whether you are looking for a convenient means of transportation to visit some sights or there is a need to take care of business affairs, NarsCars services will be helpful.

Driving in your own car allows moving around the big city as quickly and efficiently as possible. Even the abundance of public transportation methods results in crowds and many other inconveniences. Here are some of the situations in which it is advised to hire a car:

  • You are staying in Kharkiv just for a couple of days to finish all your errands. You cannot afford wasting time while waiting for the bus to arrive or looking for a suitable subway line;
  • Flexibility is important for you, and you cannot depend on official public transportation stops because you want or have to drive to specific places;
  • You prefer comfortable transportation over public transport stuffed with other passengers;
  • You are a local citizen without your own car because you do not need it often. Nevertheless, sometimes, you would like to take a car to go somewhere by yourself or with the close ones;
  • You are the owner of the company, and sometimes, you need transport to solve various issues, but it is not economically profitable to maintain your fleet;
  • The company you work at does not have designated cars for business trips as it is not cost-effective, and you need to drive a personal car once in a while.

Car Rental in Kharkiv at Low and Affordable Prices

With NarsCars, you will find the most suitable option based on your requirements and financial capabilities. The cost of hiring a car depends on the following criteria:

  • The class of the vehicle – there is a wide selection of economy class cars as well as luxurious models. Each client can choose a car that they can afford;
  • The duration of using rental services – the tariff per day decreases if you want to drive for longer periods;
  • The method of booking a vehicle – a car can be rented either via a phone call with our employees or through the website. Those placing orders on the webpage will receive a 15% discount;
  • Booking with a prepayment – such payments act as a guarantee that the car will be returned in mint condition. It is the reason the end price is lower if you decide to use deposits.

Car hire in Kharkiv downtown

How Can I Hire a Car in Kharkiv?

The process of renting is very fast and simple. It takes a short phone call or filling in the necessary information on the website. Any driver of twenty-three years and older must also have two or more years of practice in driving to finish the deal. The last part is providing official documentation such as:

  • A passport (normal or foreign);
  • A license.

The payment can be completed directly at the office, via the bank transaction, or with a card. Each vehicle is collected either at a point designated by the company or at some other place selected by the client. All the cars are fully clean and fueled up for your convenience.

Dependable Services for Renting a Car

The variety of cars available at NarsCars is impressive, which is perfect for everyone who wants to hire a car that will suit you perfectly. All the vehicles are brand new and in the perfect technical state. Ordering a car instead of owning one reliefs you from taking care of maintaining and parking it regularly. All the essential services are included in the price. However, there are some of the extra services that can be added separately:

  • A high-quality children safety seat for families that travel with their kids;
  • Various GPS devices that will facilitate navigation in a foreign city;
  • GoPro camera and other equipment for the enhanced touristic experience;
  • Wi-Fi solutions for constant Internet access.

Additionally, a professional driver can be also provided. Each order is fully customizable, and we always try to find the perfect solution for everyone.

car rental in Kharkiv airport

Hiring a Car with no Deposits Paid

Usually, it is essential to make a prepayment that will be returned in case the car comes back in perfect condition. However, at NarsCars you can also hire a vehicle without such guarantee charges. Consequently, the end cost will increase, and it is up to the customer to choose the method of payment for car rental in Kharkiv.

The Strong Points of NarsCars Rental Service

The clients choose us because of the benefits we offer to all our customers:

  • A huge variety of car models for every taste;
  • The prices are reliable and accessible;
  • All the cars are initially insured, and it is included in the cost;
  • The process of booking a car is quick and understandable.

If you need to hire a car in Kharkiv, we offer the most high-quality and reliable services in Ukraine!