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Car rental in Ternopil

Car rental Ternopil

Car rental service is very popular all over the world. Demand for it is growing in many cities of Ukraine. This service can be useful in such cases:

  • for transfers from the train station or airport;
  • to solve business problems and corporate events;
  • transportation of things when moving;
  • travel to other cities and excursions around Ternopil;
  • transfer of guests at weddings and other events;
  • as a substitute for a breakdown of a personal car;
  • to conduct a test drive before purchasing a similar model.

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons for renting a car in Ternopil. The service will allow you to freely and quickly move around the city without adjusting to public transport. You don't have to look for a taxi all the time and pay extra for waiting.

Car rental NarsCars in Ternopil provides this service on transparent and favorable terms. If necessary, you can draw up documents even after hours.

What do you need to rent?

  • A valid driver's license with at least two years of experience;
  • ukrainian or foreign passport;
  • taxpayer identification code (for residents of Ukraine);
  • the driver's age is over 23 years.

In most cases, a security deposit of several hundred or thousands of dollars is required. The amount is fixed and depends on the selected car class. The entire amount is given to the client after the return of the vehicle, if the trip went without incident. However, car rental in Ternopil is possible without a deposit or with a deposit of 50% of the set amount. In this case, the cost of the rental service will be higher, which is necessary to cover the risks and pay for additional insurance.

rent a car in Ternopil

What does our company offer?

NarsCars is the number one company in the provision of vehicle rental services. The car fleet includes hundreds of cars in excellent condition, we do not have models older than 4 years. There are different cars to choose from:

  • from budget models to business and premium class, as well as SUVs;
  • popular brands: Hyundai, Skoda, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, etc.
  • cars running on gasoline or diesel fuel, electric vehicles;
  • with an automatic or manual transmission.

Car rental Ternopil can be not only long-term, but also daily. But keep in mind that the longer the rental period, the lower the price!

As an additional service, we can provide a number of useful things:

  • child car seats of different age groups;
  • Wi-fi router;
  • GPS navigator;
  • Video recorder, etc.

The booked car can be picked up from the parking lot or you can order a paid delivery service at the desired address. The car will be waiting for you at the appointed place just in time. In any case, your temporary "iron horse" is guaranteed to be in perfect condition - clean, serviceable, fueled.

Contact our company for a comfortable movement in Ternopil and beyond!