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Офис, ул. Набережно-Луговая, 29
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Офис, ул. Набережно-Луговая, 29
Пн-Вс 9:00 - 18:00
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Car rental in Zhitomir on favorable terms

rent a car in Zhitomir

If you are planning a trip to another city, it is not at all necessary to travel by your own car. Car rental in Zhytomyr is a convenient service that provides freedom of comfortable movement.

This service is used for two main reasons - tourism and business travel. In many cases, it is more convenient and economical to travel to your destination by train, bus or car with a fellow traveler. But if you value comfort, do not want to adjust to public transport, walk or look for a taxi all the time, then use a temporary vehicle.

Car rental in Zhytomyr is a service that may be required to solve various problems:

  • organizing excursions around the city and in the suburbs;
  • moving;
  • transfer from the airport or train station for important guests;
  • substitution of a personal car;
  • organization of transportation of guests at various events;
  • testdrive.

How is car rental in Zhitomir formalized?

There are two main requirements: age over 23 and driving experience of at least 2 years. Then the procedure is quite simple. We only need a scanned copy of your passport, rights and identification code (for residents of Ukraine).

Under standard rental conditions, a deposit is left for the car. Its amount depends on the chosen class, ranging from 400 to 1400 dollars. The money will be returned to the client after the vehicle has been inspected after operation.

You can register and pay online on the website, and a discount of up to 15% will be counted. We work seven days a week, and you can also use the additional service “registration after hours”.

To take a car, you need to come to the parking lot. In addition, there is a paid car delivery service, upon ordering which it will be delivered to the desired address at the agreed time.

car rental Zhitomir

Benefits of the NarsCars service

Car rental in Zhytomyr from NarsCars car rental is not only comfortable, but also profitable. We are professionals in our field and provide a service with the maximum number of advantages:

  • simple and quick registration in 20 minutes;
  • all cars are served ready for travel, including long distance ones. They are insured, serviceable, clean and refueled;
  • CASCO insurance is included in the price;
  • you can leave only 50% of the deposit or rent a car without deposit (in this case, the daily cost will be higher. The increased rate is required to cover certain risks and pay for additional insurance);
  • the ability to additionally take a child car seat and useful gadgets: Wi-Fi router, GPS navigator, video recorder;
  • the car park has hundreds of vehicles. Various popular brands from economy to premium class, electric cars, gasoline and diesel engines, automatic and manual transmissions;
  • no cars older than 4 years;
  • in case of an unforeseen breakdown, including if the battery is discharged, a substitution in the form of a similar model will be promptly provided.

See the catalog with available transport on our website and place your order right now! If you have any questions, please call. We will help you figure it out and make a reservation.