Rent business class cars in Odessa
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Rating 5/5
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Often, for a business trip or an important meeting, you may need a business class car. With the NarsCars company it is possible to rent such a car for any period.

Why rent a business class car in Odesa?

Odesa is a city rich not only in history and cultural monuments, but also in business centers and prestigious nightclubs. If you need to come to a meeting with business partners or organize a transfer of VIP guests to your party, then renting a business class car is exactly the service that will allow you to accomplish this task.

In addition, a business segment machine may be required if you need:

  • organize a meeting of important guests;
  • appear in a favorable light in front of partners or competitors;
  • provide a comfortable trip for business partners;
  • organize a ceremonial cortege;
  • it is comfortable and safe to move around the city.

A car of this class is an increased level of comfort and safety, which leads to an impressive price for cars in the business category. If you need such a car in isolated cases, then it is wiser to rent it from NarsCars.

How to book a car rental with NarsCars?

A convenient procedure for applying for a rental will not cause much difficulty and will not take much time. You can leave a request in one of three ways:

  • fill out an application at the office;
  • contact the company manager by phone;
  • fill out the online form on the website.

The quality of the services provided does not depend on the method of ordering and always remains at its best. To make the process of signing an agreement fast and convenient, a minimum set of documents is required:

  • passport and TIN (only for citizens of Ukraine);
  • driver's license.

In addition, you must be at least 23 years old and have a driving experience of at least 2 years. After signing the contract, you get a car for use and access to round-the-clock technical support.

The car fleet of the NarsCars company consists of new, well-groomed and technically sound business class cars. We have prepared cars for demanding customers from the world's leading brands: Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota, Skoda. You also have the option of choosing a vehicle with a specific fuel type, as well as with an automatic transmission or mechanics.

Car rental services from NarsCars

Each car of our company is insured under the CASCO and OSAGO system, if you wish, you can take out additional insurance for a fee. If there is a small child among your passengers, then the additional service "Rent a child car seat" will be very useful. We also offer special conditions for car delivery and return. For example, if you cannot return the car during business hours, our manager will wait for you at a convenient time. Each additional option is paid separately, prices are indicated in the price list.

Convenient early booking service allows you not to miss the car you like. You can book a business class car in Odesa for a convenient date right now!