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Car rental of middle class in Odessa

Anyone who is interested in a high level of comfort, modern design, relatively low fuel consumption should pay attention to the "C" model, the so-called European middle class. Cars in this category are designed for 5 adult passengers (including the driver), designed for city trips and travel on country roads. The segment is represented by a wide variety of brands and modifications: compact hatchbacks, stylish station wagons, spacious sedans.

The demand for such machines appeared in the 60s of the last century and has survived to this day. If you do not have your own car, you can rent a middle class car in Odessa with the following characteristics:

  • length up to 4.3 m;
  • width up to 1.8 m;
  • engine displacement is less than 2 liters.

These are relatively compact vehicles that are great for the city and for going outdoors due to the increased luggage compartments.

The perfect balance of comfort and value

This segment of transport is excellent for solving a variety of tasks. A reliable, presentable and comfortable car rental service will help out on a business trip, during weekend trips, shopping trips and to the airport / train station. A wide variety of models and modifications allows for a small company (4 people) to place an order for a classic golf class car, and for business people to choose a more spacious and comfortable car.

The most demanded is car rental of middle class in Odessa and Ukraine for the following reasons:

  • affordable cost of the service for a wide range of clients;
  • a wide range of characteristics and parameters;
  • optimal functions and comfort;
  • high level of practicality.

For years, the established car rental service of the NarsCars company will help not only maintain mobility in unforeseen situations, but also solve everyday problems in a short time, and reveal additional opportunities for business and leisure.

Popular models

NarsCars experts have formed the company's vehicle fleet from the most popular models. It included:

  • Kia Ceed - economical, quiet, easy and simple to operate;
  • Toyota Corolla - appreciated for its smooth ride, spaciousness and reliability;
  • Hyundai Elantra - modern design, ergonomic interior and smooth movement;
  • Volkswagen Golf - compact and comfortable;
  • Nissan Centra is economical, spacious, with a powerful engine.

Also see options for cars of the Mini Cooper, Ford, Renault, Opel, Peugeot, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Seat brands. It is no exaggeration to say that we have the largest base of cars in this popular segment.

Choose and rent

In order to make the rental of a middle class car in Odessa as convenient as possible for customers, we have developed the possibility of online booking, several payment options (cash, card, bank payment) and rental conditions (with or without a deposit).

If necessary, we will install a child car seat, a video recorder, a navigator, etc. in the salon. The client, in turn, can order:

  • extended insurance;
  • delivery of the car to a specific place at the right time;
  • refueling;
  • unlimited mileage.

Choose the usual type of engine and gearbox and order a car directly on the website. If you have any questions, please call!