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For comfortable travel or business trips, an SUV is perfect. If such a car is needed for a limited period, then it can be rented.

The advantages of an SUV over other cars

Jeep is a versatile vehicle for driving in the city, on the highway or off-road. The average dimensions of such a car provide sufficient space for the passenger compartment and trunk, but at the same time do not cause problems with parking. High ground clearance allows you to easily overcome obstacles without damaging the car.

In appearance and functionality, SUVs are not at all inferior to premium cars and are also considered status cars. In addition, a friendly family with all the luggage can fit in such a car without any discomfort.

SUVs are used by different people for different purposes:

  • for family travel;
  • for business travel;
  • for driving on open roads;
  • for transfer;
  • for daily city driving.

There is not always a need for this kind of transport. Therefore, if you don’t need to buy it, it’s better to just rent it.

Jeep rental in Odesa

Odesa is a city that welcomes both tourists and those wishing to establish their own business. You can rent an SUV to move around the city in comfort at NarsCars.

The car park is equipped only with new jeeps, which undergo regular maintenance and diagnostics. Before you sign a contract, you need to decide on the main characteristics of the car:

  • brand;
  • fuel type: gasoline, diesel;
  • mechanical or automatic transmission.

Now that you know exactly which car you want to rent, you need to leave an application in one of three ways:

  • call the company by phone;
  • come to the office;
  • place an order online.

The rental conditions do not depend on the method of registration of the application you have chosen and are the same for all cars and regions.

Advantageous options when renting a car at NarsCars

By signing a rental agreement, each client receives a car for use and free round-the-clock technical support. In addition, all cars are insured under the CASCO and OSAGO programs.

In addition, you can also select one or more useful additional options for a fee:

  • rent of a child seat;
  • GPS navigator, Wi-Fi;
  • additional insurance;
  • special conditions for car delivery and return.

For each additional option, the price is indicated in the price list and is the same for all cities. With the company NarsCars, cheap jeep rental in Odesa has become a reality. Also, our pricing policy allows you to pay less for a longer car rental period, and the early booking function provides an opportunity to book the required car for a specific period.