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An off-road vehicle is a medium-tonnage vehicle designed for off-road driving. But even within the city, such a car is not an excess: it emphasizes the image and status of the owner. There is no need to buy an expensive car if you can rent it.

When do you need to rent an SUV?

A modern SUV is not only a high cross-country ability, but also a presentable appearance. These machines are different:

  • medium size;
  • advanced climate control system;
  • all the advantages of premium cars;
  • increased level of comfort;
  • high-tech.

Renting an SUV is needed for:

  • accompaniment of business meetings;
  • city walks;
  • out-of-town recreation;
  • festive events;
  • transfer;
  • demonstrating your status.

Unlike the usual cars of the festive cortege, the jeep will help you get to unusual places for photo shoots, it will fit a huge amount of various equipment. You can choose an SUV with an automatic transmission or a mechanic.

SUVs become especially relevant in winter. Renting a jeep in conditions of snow drifts or any other natural disasters is a contribution to your own safety.

How to rent an SUV in Kiev?

The NarsCars vehicle fleet has a wide selection of medium-tonnage vehicles. Each car is scrupulously checked after use, so the rented SUV will not let you down in any situation.

In order to book a car inexpensively, contact us by phone, through the website or come to the office. We will help you choose the right vehicle and discuss all the rental conditions.

On long journeys, attention to detail is especially important. Do not forget to order the installation of a GPS navigator in your car if you plan to drive in unfamiliar terrain, and a Wi-Fi router if you have a long journey. If you are going to travel with a child, warn that you need a child seat.

To rent a vehicle you will need:

  • passport;
  • driver's license (for non-residents - international);
  • TIN (only for citizens of Ukraine).

Usually an SUV is not needed every day, but thanks to our car rental service of different classes, you can use exactly the type of car that best suits the situation. Book your car now, because the earlier you book a vehicle, the lower the rental price will be.