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Car rental in Khmelnitsky with deposit and without deposit

car rental in Khmelnitsky

NarsCars car rental in Khmelnitsky is the company that has simplified the rental process as much as possible. You can take a car from us even without deposit. It's faster and easier for many, but a little more expensive. The tariff in this case is increased due to the need to cover the risks and purchase additional insurance.

At normal rates, a deposit is required. A fixed amount ($ 300 to $ 1,400 depending on the class) will be refunded to the customer after inspecting the vehicle he used. There is also a third option - a deposit of 50%.

When do you need a service?

Car rental in Khmelnitsky is popular among different categories of the population. The service of our company helps to solve a number of questions:

  • transfer of partners/guests at various events;
  • cars for a wedding;
  • relocation;
  • tourism;
  • solving business problems in the absence of its own fleet;
  • replacement for the time of diagnostics and repair of the personal car;
  • test drive, etc.

How to choose a temporary car?

Given the fact that car rental in Khmelnitsky solves many problems, the choice of vehicle should always be based on specific circumstances.

The company's fleet includes hundreds of different models. All of them are in excellent condition and not older than 4 years. You can choose a car rental in Khmelnitsky among:

  • economy, middle, premium and business class;
  • various popular brands;
  • in a body a sedan, a hatchback, an SUV, a convertible, a minivan;
  • with automatic or manual transmission;
  • diesel and gasoline engines or electric cars.

Think about what kind of road surface you have to drive on. If it is purely a trip around the city, choose any type of car. But if on the road or in the countryside, it is better to take an SUV. Also consider the number of items transported. Maybe you should pay attention to the model with a roomy trunk? If you find the choice difficult, call us. Given the specific goals, we will advise the model that best copes with them.

rent a car in Khmelnitsky

NarsCars is a fast, high-quality and safe service

Thanks to our company, car rental in Khmelnitsky is becoming a simple task. If you meet the main requirements (the driver is older than 23 years, and the driving experience is at least 2 years), then you need to provide us with only three documents:

  • passport or Ukrainian passport;
  • diver's license.

Registration and payment for services can be done online, in which case there will be a discount up to 15%. After registration of documents you can come to parking for a car or order paid service of giving to the necessary address. In any case, you can be sure that the selected car will be waiting for you at a strictly agreed time and will:

  • insured;
  • Fully functional;
  • refueled;
  • clean;
  • ready to travel, including long distance.

We also have a service "car rental registration in Khmelnitsky during non-working hours". We provide customer support around the clock. Register now and enjoy the quality of service from professionals!