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Car rental of middle class in Poltava

The overwhelming majority of modern motorists choose a spacious, reliable and economical transport, which, moreover, will be safe on city roads and suburban roads. Most of these models are represented in the vast and varied C (middle) class of cars.

For business trips or family travel in Ukraine, you can rent a middle class car in Poltava, which has:

  • spacious luggage compartment;
  • small width - up to 1.8 meters and length - up to 4.3 meters;
  • a salon in which the driver and 4 adult passengers will be comfortable;
  • different body modifications (hatchback, sedan, station wagon).

Good dynamic characteristics are provided by powerful engines with a volume of up to 2 liters (about 150 horsepower).

Advantages of Golf class cars

Having appeared in the late 60s of the last century, cars in this segment have firmly won the hearts of motorists around the world. At the moment, the car fleet of many rental companies consists mainly of cars of this class. A service such as renting a middle class car in Poltava from NarsCars is popular regardless of the season because:

  • due to the compact dimensions of city cars, their drivers have an advantage in conditions of a lack of parking space and heavy traffic;
  • cars are equipped with powerful motors and reliable suspension;
  • with economical fuel consumption, they demonstrate first-class handling and high maneuverability;
  • you can rent such a vehicle for a very affordable cost per day.

Since every major manufacturer has models of this class, their range is constantly growing. In addition, within the same segment, you can choose a more budgetary or vice versa, an expensive and comfortable option.

It is important to understand that these cars are intended for movement around the city and are inferior in cross-country ability to SUVs and executive sedans.

Who and why rent a city car in NarsCars

Middle-class car rental in Poltava is in demand among married couples, active businessmen, students, city guests who need a maneuverable and safe car. Our service is appreciated for the availability and ease of ordering, as well as:

  • excellent technical condition of machines;
  • practicality and comfort of models;
  • low vehicle mileage;
  • regular inspection;
  • a wide range of.

There are no hidden fees and pitfalls in our contracts, you pick up the car at the point of issue or negotiate delivery to the right place (to the office, train station). It is possible to rent without a deposit (at the request of the client).

Rent terms

With NarsCars, everything is as simple and transparent as possible. You are required to:

  • passport (client is over 23 years old) and identification code;
  • a valid driver's license (at least 2 years of driving experience).

You can book a car directly on our website or by calling the company manager. There are several ways to pay for the rental: by card, bank transfer, cash.

Choose a comfortable car and hit the road!