Rent Tesla model S in Poltava

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/ Electro / АТ
Tesla model S- Narscars
  • Body type PDAE
  • Engine L 518 hp
  • Transmission type АТ
  • Fuel type Electro
  • Fuel consumption (average) L
Rental prices
1-3 days 230$ /per day
4-9 days 210$ /per day
10-25 days 190$ /per day
26+ days 170$ /per day

Tesla model C rental in Poltava

Do you want to test the electric car in real life and understand if it is suitable for your purposes? Renting a Tesla model S in Poltava without a driver is a service that is perfect for this. From behind the wheel of this futuristic car of the future, you can personally experience the highest levels of comfort, luxury and the environment. The NarsCars company orders this model most often for:

  • photo sessions, filming clips;
  • meetings of important business partners;
  • weddings, other solemn and romantic events;
  • just.

Touch your dream by ordering a Tesla model S for rent in Poltava and become one of the few drivers in your city who dealt with legendary transport.
Any trip will be absolutely safe for you and passengers, as the electric car received an incredible 5 stars (the highest rating) in all test categories of the NHTSA (US National Traffic Safety Administration) at once. A full charge of the battery will last for 420 km, which is quite enough for a long walk.

Benefits of a rented electric car

Thanks to our service, renting a Tesla model S in Poltava has ceased to be something unusual. Every citizen or guest of Ukraine, over 23 years old with a driving experience of more than 2 years, has the right to leave a deposit and take an electric car for temporary use. Together with the car you get:

  • significant savings on the cost of refueling;
  • air-conditioned interior, automatic transmission, excellent dynamics on the track;
  • the most modern safety and driver assistance systems.

Order delivery of a vehicle to a hotel, office, train station or home on this page of the site. Call us!

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