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Narscars Assistance

Narscars Assistance

It is widely believed that no one is immune to troubles on the road. But there is such immunity for the Narscars clients, renting cars for travelling across Ukraine. The Narscars Assistance program solves the problems that might prevent you from starting out or getting to your destination point. We will always help in any difficult situation.

Mechanical breakdown. All Narscars cars are in excellent technical condition. But if you face any technical malfunction or something goes wrong, the specialists of the Assistance program will come to the aid for immediate maintenance or towing the car to the nearest service station, if the technical failure cannot be fixed on the spot.

Motor vehicle collisions. In the event of an MVC, the specialists of the Narscars Assistance hotline will render all possible assistance from calling the police, fire or medical services to providing basic legal advice.

Lack of fuel. Running out of fuel is the most common problem faced by the motorists, who are very much taken with the trip or out in calculation of the driving time. Just one call to the call center will help you carry on the ride to the planned destination. We will send the specialists with the fuel to your location or advise you the nearest filling station, if the remaining fuel allows getting there on your own.

Discharged battery. Did you forget to turn off the headlamps and leave the car with the lights on for the night? If the battery charge is not enough for starting the car, you can call a specialist, who will help start the engine.

Tire blowout or damage. The field tire mounting service of the Narscars Assistance program works 24/7 to help clients in replacing a spare tire for one that got a blowout or sidewall cut and therefore doesn’t allow moving on.

Information and organizational issues. The information service will help you in searching for a necessary institution or company, arranging accommodation or booking a plane ticket.

Each client of the company participates in the Narscars Assistance program. The service is available around the clock, seven days a week, throughout the territory of Ukraine. Renting a car, you are provided with protection in the event of breakdowns or other problems that can happen on the road.

To learn more about the benefits of the program and the list of services provided, please call:

(050) 572-6666, (067) 571-6666

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