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#Additional options for car rental
Car rental at the airport

Car rental at the airport

Delivery and return of the car at the airports of 5 Ukrainsan megacities

Do you plan to fly to Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkov or Dnipro? Need a car for rent for movement in one of the Ukrainian megacities? Fill out the online application and use the cars of the selected class as needed.

Narscars company provides a demanded service «Delivery and return of the car at the airport». During the existence of the company, it was used by more than 500 of our customers and were satisfied with the high level of service. You get a clean car with a full tank and can immediately go to a business meeting or a romantic date.

Terms of service «Delivery and returning the car at the airport»:

  1. At the airport you are greeted with a sign by the employee of Narscars, in the terminal gives a lease for signing, explains the terms of the rental, leads to the car and gives out the keys.
  2. Fixed cost of additional service. Payment – cash or non-cash means (at your choice).
  3. You provide the day and time of the return flight and transfer the car to our employee at the airport parking place at the agreed place.

Narscars specialists track aircraft flight delays and meet customers at the moment of liner landing. So you do not have to worry and do dozens of extra calls.

Ordering an additional service «Delivery and returning a car at the airport» you save time and do not visit Narscars rental points even for signing a lease. Leave the airport of another city and return to it by car, never using a taxi.

Did you have any questions? Consult online in the chat or order a callback. Narscars has provided additional services for your convenience. Save time and effort!

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