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#Additional options for car rental
Rent a car outside of working hours

Rent a car outside of working hours

Delivery and return of the car during off hours 365 days a year

Ukrainian car rental network Narscars operates 6 days a week – from Monday to Saturday. At this time we do not charge an additional fee for the issue and return of the car at our rental office, this service is absolutely free.

But what if the car was needed after the rental center was closed (18:00pm), at night or early in the morning? It often happens that the client needs to return the car late at night or on Sunday.

Exit found: order the service «Delivery and returning the car after hours». Just notify our manager online or by phone.

Additional Service Terms:

  1. The offer is valid in all cities where Narscars rental locations are located (Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa and Dnipro).
  2. Both physical and legal entities can order a return outside of working hours.
  3. One-time cost of the service is minimal and is indicated in the price list for additional services.
  4. In case of long-term cooperation discounts are possible (discuss this with the manager).
  5. You can pay for the service with a bank card, in cash or by bank transfer.

We remind you that the non-working time is from 18:00pm to 9:00am in the period from Monday to Saturday and all 24 hours on Sunday. An additional fee is charged because at the specified time our employee will wait for you at the workplace to issue or pick up a rented car. We need to pay for his extra working hours. But in return you get a real European service and a high culture of service.

Service «Delivery and return the car outside of working hours» Every third client of Narscars uses it. You can also order it at any time – we will not refuse. Our company is created for your comfort!

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