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Help on the road - Narscars Assistance

Help on the road - Narscars Assistance

It is widely believed that no one is insured against unpleasant situations along the way. But for customers of the company Narscars, renting cars for movement in Ukraine, such insurance exists. The Narscars Assistance program solves problems that prevent you from getting on the road or reaching your destination. We will always help in a difficult situation.

Mechanical breakdowns. All cars Narscars are in excellent technical condition. But if the technician fails or something goes wrong, the specialists of the Assistance program will leave for operational repair or towing the car to the nearest service station if the technical malfunction can not be eliminated on the spot.

Traffic Accidents. In case of an accident, Narscars Assistance specialists will be able to help you: from calling the police, medical service or firefighters, to providing basic legal advice.

Fuel shortage. Suddenly ended fuel – this is the most common problem faced by drivers, carried away by the road or did not calculate the travel time. One call to the call center will help to continue the journey to the planned destination. We will send the specialists with a supply of fuel or tell the address of the nearest gas station, if the remains in the tank allow you to get there yourself.

Discharged battery. Have you forgotten to turn off the lights and the car stood all night? If the battery charge is not enough to start the car, you can call a specialist who will help start the engine.

Puncture or damage to the tire. Tires Narscars Assistance works in the 24/7 mode, helping customers to change wheels to spare parts in case of punctures or side cuts, which do not allow continuing movement.

Information and organizational issues. In the information service you will be prompted where to find the right institution or organization, will help organize accommodation in a hotel or book a plane ticket.

Each client of the company becomes a participant of the program Narscars Assistance. Service operates around the clock, without days off, throughout Ukraine. When renting a car, you are guaranteed to be protected in case of breakdowns or other troubles that can happen on the way. You can get acquainted with the advantages of the program and the list of provided services by phone.

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