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Mercedes GL500- Narscars

Rent Mercedes GL500

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4.7 / Gasoline / АТ
  • 5
  • 7
  • 3
  • 3
  • A/C

  • Body typeXFAR
  • Engine4.7 L 435 hp
  • Transmission typeАТ
  • Fuel typeGasoline
  • Fuel consumption (average)15.8 L
Pay when
Days Pay
385 $ 1-3 347 $
325 $ 4-9 293 $
285 $ 10-25 257 $
235 $ 26+ 212 $

Vehicle description

  • Body typeXFAR
  • Engine4.7 L 435 hp
  • Transmission typeАТ
  • Fuel typeGasoline
  • Fuel consumption (average)15.8 L

Mercedes GL500 car rental in Kiev.

If you need a roomy and prestigious car for a few days to travel around the city and Ukraine, we offer a full-size, 5-door, 7-seater SUV Mercedes-Benz GL 500. This rental option is suitable for traveling with friends or a large family, businessmen who want to emphasize their status at a meeting with business partners, as well as for a wedding or corporate party.

Description and benefits of the Mercedes-Benz GL 500 SUV

SUV GL500 is the largest car in the lineup of products of the German corporation Mercedes, comfortable to drive and with good driving characteristics on any road. It is equipped with a 4.7 liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 435 h.p., all-wheel drive, modern electronic systems and sensors and a 7-speed automatic transmission.

This SUV has perfect interior noise isolation and average fuel consumption (15.8 liters per 100 km). Its main advantages:

  • high power and throughput;
  • comfortable, spacious lounge with ergonomic chairs;
  • roomy luggage compartment, availability of roof rails;
  • a large number of active security systems;
  • representative appearance.

Mercedes GL500 SUV rental at NarsCars

NarsCars offers the Mercedes GL500 luxury SUV, which you can order if you are 23 years old or older, and your driving experience is at least 2 years.

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  • 26 June 2019

    Арендовал машину в Одессе. Так как она находилась в Киеве, менеджер компании любезно предложил доставить авто до Одессы за символическую плату. Ездил 2 недели, нареканий к техническому состоянию машины не было. Выдали чистую и с полным баком. Попросил установить детсвкое кресло, тоже выполнили. В принципе, копмания сработала хорошо. Неудобно, что нет премиум сегмента в Одессе, пришлось ждать со столицы.