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Volkswagen T5- Narscars

Rent Volkswagen T5

or similar
2.5 / Diesel / АТ
  • 4
  • 7
  • 5
  • 2
  • A/C

  • Body typeSVAR
  • Engine2.5 L 174 hp
  • Transmission typeАТ
  • Fuel typeDiesel
  • Fuel consumption (average)8.3 L
Pay when
Days Pay
107 $ 1-3 97 $
96 $ 4-9 87 $
88 $ 10-25 80 $
69 $ 26+ 63 $

Vehicle description

  • Body typeSVAR
  • Engine2.5 L 174 hp
  • Transmission typeАТ
  • Fuel typeDiesel
  • Fuel consumption (average)8.3 L

Volkswagen T5 rental in Kiev

German-made cars have always held a leading position in the car market, so it's no wonder that the Volkswagen T5 rental service at Narskars is so popular.

Against the backdrop of similar models from other manufacturers, Volkswagen T5 stands out for its excellent technical characteristics and elegant design. Among advantages of a minibus it is possible to note:

  • powerful engine;
  • availability of radio navigation and climate systems;
  • availability of an anti-wear system that ensures safe driving;
  • stylish interior design;
  • economical fuel consumption (in the city - 10-11 liters, on the track - about 8 liters);
  • Comfortable anatomical chairs;
  • good sound insulation, etc.

Favorable conditions for renting a Volkswagen T5 in the company Narscars

In our company you can order Volkswagen T5 for any period at affordable prices.

Advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • fast paperwork;
  • renting out fully serviceable cars in excellent condition;
  • favorable rental conditions;
  • the ability to feed the machine to any address;
  • assistance on the road in various situations;
  • auto insurance;
  • the ability to return the car in another city, etc.

If you want to rent a Volkswagen T5, you can contact us in any convenient way: by filling out the feedback form or by calling the numbers on our website.

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  • 28 September 2018

    ВАГ никогда не славился комфортом, но всегда делал приятные в управлении и динамичные авто. Бусы не исключение. По комфорту Т5 100% уступает Вито, но едет очень бодро, трассу держит уверенно, расход солярки приятный. Короче говоря, Фольксваген как Фольгсваген, не больше, не меньше. Стояла задача перевезти 6 человек, с которой он справился. Технически никаких нареканий. Спасибо НарсКарс, все сделали быстро.