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Rating 4.3/5
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Car rental of middle class in Lviv

Residents of the city, business travelers and tourists prefer to use compact models of cars, which are easier to maneuver in the maze of narrow streets of Lviv. Besides, parking a city car is always easier than finding a place for a large SUV. But what if you have planned a family trip to the most beautiful places in Ukraine or have quite a lot of things?

Functional, comfortable, economical and dynamic class "C" transport will be the optimal choice for driving around the city and country roads. The width of these vehicles is up to 1.8 meters, the length is up to 4.5 meters, the engine capacity is usually up to 2 liters. The car will comfortably accommodate 4 adult passengers and a driver, while all the necessary things will fit freely in the spacious luggage compartment. Anyone who comes to the resorts of the region with a large company strives to rent a middle class car in Lviv.

Practical, comfortable and affordable

Various categories of people feel comfortable in C-class cars (golf class, city car, family): businessmen who need a solid car, married couples with children, students, office workers. It is convenient to drive them outside the city, due to the relatively high ground clearance (from 160 mm).

Cars in this category are most in demand in any rental service, due to:

  • multifunctionality;
  • versatility;
  • preparedness for our roads;
  • comfort.

In the segment of city cars, there are no restrictions on power, so you can find very fast and dynamic cars. In addition, manufacturers have tried to create a vehicle with decent technical characteristics. You can make sure of this personally by using such a service as middle class car rental in Lviv from NarsCars.

Why renting a city car is the right decision

Anyone who wants to maintain a reasonable compromise between cost and comfort should pay attention to the middle class cars. Such cars are offered by many rental companies, but cooperation with NarsCars guarantees you:

  • selection of cars of the last years of production from well-known European and world manufacturers;
  • the ability to rent a vehicle with any type of body (sedan, hatchback, station wagon), suitable engine size, required power and transmission (automatic, mechanic);
  • feeling of confidence on the road thanks to CASCO insurance;
  • choice of rental period from a day or more (the longer, the cheaper, discounts for regular customers);
  • pre-ordering a certain model by the required date, early booking without a deposit;
  • cash or non-cash payment option to choose from;
  • excellent technical condition of the car, clean interior, full fuel tank, seasonal tires.

Middle-class car rental in Lviv is provided to Ukrainians and guests of the country over 23 years old who have been driving for more than 2 years. You will need a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, a driver's license, an identification code. If necessary, we will provide additional services (paid separately): delivery of the vehicle to your home, office, train station, airport by the specified time; installation of a navigator, video recorder, child car seat, etc.

Don't want to drive? The car will be driven by an experienced company driver. Choose a brand, model in the catalog and fill out an application. With us - only the pleasure of travel and no red tape!