Car "shod" in season


Winter in Ukraine came into their legal rights. And if the snow removal on the roads of the country should take care of the municipal authorities and communal service, winter shoes for the car must ensure the car owners.

The company Narscars already "pereobuli" entire fleet – from cars of a premium class and SUVs to housekeepers unpretentious and commercial vehicles.

This year, we care about your safety. Tires in Narscars never change formally: a single "time schedule" for each year is simply not there. Orientirueshsya only on temperature, so in any weather you feel confident on the road.

Replacement summer tires for winter are recommended when installing the average daily temperature +5...+7°C for 7-10 days in a row. In icy conditions the replacement is carried out even earlier.

We necessarily change the tires on all wheels, not just the leading. Invariably follow the condition of the wheels and use the products of reliable brands and manufacturers of tires. Quickly to set the season helps us be our permanent supplier – company Rezina.FM, which has only certified products. A car that you'll rent will not fail nor frost, nor rain, nor ice.


Winter tires in Narscars used within the expiration date. The average recommended life of the tires for 2-3 years, then performance may deteriorate.

Winter option: the difference. Winter tires are made of rubber with a special compound, they are softer and more elastic summer. Another important difference – a kind of tread pattern. It was from him depends largely on good traction, and maneuverability and handling of the vehicle.

To recognize which tire is in front of you, allows special marking: winter models are designated either as "M+S" (Mud + Snow = mud + snow), or as "Winter" (winter).

Of course, preparation for winter period is not limited only to replacement tires. We monitor the quality of oil, coolant and windscreen washer in the tank there is always a supply of "nezamerzayki". Your trip to rent a car from Narscars will always be pleasant and safe.

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