Soon in the rental!

Soon in the rental!

Fleet replenishment Narscars: Mitsubishi Outlander!

Even not being a millionaire, you can change the car "like a glove" – this opportunity provides car rental Narscars. In our fleet it offers motorists – more than 100 machines, 20 different brands, and their number is constantly increasing. We listen to our customers and follow the latest developments of the automotive industry to offer you the best of the best.

Another long-awaited addition to the catalog Narscars – SUV Mitsubishi Outlander, which will be particularly useful for the upcoming winter season. You can be one of the first to drive new Japan best seller, interesting primarily for high speed fans.

Upgraded crossover happy updated with elegant exterior: the designers have refined the X-shaped front part of the Outlander with eye-catching chrome parts, led headlights and tail lights. If you need to produce someone a lasting impression, vivid and stylish Mitsubishi Outlander, the last thorough restyling, to cope with this task.

The jeep will be comfortable in any weather and on any road – thanks to a soft finish and quietness of the cabin and of course, thanks to the unique all-wheel drive system All Wheel Control. You can safely go on this caret on a business trip for business or on a walk with friends. If you still have the impeccable stability Mitsubishi Outlander off-road you knew only by hearsay, Narscars provides the opportunity to test the drivetrain and independent suspension dynamic Japanese. You have more than 21 years of your driving experience is not less than two years? In this case, tomorrow you will be able to become the temporary owner of a Outlander and to conduct its own independent drive test.

Do not be surprised that, fascinated by the trip, you will not notice how the speedo needle will deviate to the right from the figure of 140 km/h – to the cheerful and tireless Mitsubishi Outlander speed is not felt. Traditionally, Japanese designers have taken care about the high security level of reckless drivers – movement crossover even when cornering at high speeds on any road surface is controlled by a system S-AWC. The electronic stuffing of the car will provide stability in any situation, including climbing, emergency braking and slipping.

Already want to try? Order Mitsubishi Outlander rental in Narscars.

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