Collaboration with e-shop Rezina.Fm

Collaboration with e-shop Rezina.Fm

The largest car rental service provider in Ukraine, Narscars, has signed a contract with online store Rezina.Fm. As a result of the deal, all the cars owned by Narscars will be equipped with the tires and wheel plates ordered from their website.

Narscars has offices in all of the largest cities in Ukraine like Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv and Dnipro. The main advantages of renting from this company are reasonable prices and excellent technical condition of the cars. The company's fleet comprises only the models released in 2015 and 2016. Among the other benefits of working with Narscars are the fast and high-quality services, as well as the opportunity to get a car without paying any deposits. Narscars offers vehicles of different categories. You can choose from Economy, Middle, Business, and Premium Class. Minivans, Vans and Electric Cars are also available.

Rezina.Fm is a successful online store that sells tires and wheel plates produced by the world's leading manufacturers. The convenient website interface and a wide range of models on offer are the main reasons for its popularity among customers. Plus, this store has a support team that provides first-rate assistance in buying tires. And yet, the main advantage of working with this company is the warranty it provides for all goods.

Now, when Narscars vehicles will be equipped with the tires and wheel plates from Rezina.Fm, customers can be sure that the cars they drive will not break down, even on Ukrainian roads.

And those who want to rent out their cars have an additional reason to work with Narscars. This company always helps its partners get their vehicles repaired at the best price.

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