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Rent a car abroad

Rent a car abroad

Car rental in Vienna: the economy starts at the airport

We offer to rent the newest vehicles at the lowest prices in Austria. Minimum requirements for the driver with maximum comfort for the passengers and guaranteed security of the entire "crew". Named operator price already includes insurance and taxes, and additional services can be as simple as purchasing at any time.

5 reasons to hire a car in Vienna with us:

Best Cars. We rent only new cars that are still in effect the factory warranty. Age 90% of the cars - at least 2 years, maximum - 3 years. All cars are regularly full diagnostics and integrated maintenance service centers. Your trip will be as safe as possible.
Best prices in the region. We offer the lowest price in the region. It is easy to check. In addition, the operator called the price are included: insurance, fees, taxes, travel expenses for the Austrian highways. Franchise - only 300 euros.
Execution of documents in Russian. The package of documents issued in Russian for 10-15 minutes. The procedure is simplified and understandable even to those who rent a car for the first time in Austria.
Minimum requirements for the driver. You need to show a driver's license and passport (for legal entities - a certificate of registration) to get their hands on the selected machine.
Rent a specific car. After ordering booked a particular car. At the rental you will get exactly the car you ordered, not just the appropriate vehicle class.
Additional services

Recommended dozakazat:

Voice GPS-navigator, including the Russian language;
seats for children;
free car delivery to the airport. Return car from the airport and free. In this case, you do not have to catch a bus or taxi and pay a transfer from the airport to the city and back;
free shipping the machine in any point of Vienna provided its order for 4 days or longer;
rent a car with a driver.
International car rental

In Austria, many places of interest, but tourists often want to see more. The more that get from here to the neighboring Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Germany by car can be surprisingly fast. We cooperate with rental points in many European countries, so our customers return cars ordered in any of them. The procedure should specify in advance when ordering. Make the most of opportunities, safety and comfort at the lowest price!