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No deposit deal: only rental car payment!

No deposit deal: only rental car payment!

We value our customers and trust them. That’s why every year we try to come up with the most comfortable rental car deals. One of the best offers is “No deposit car rental”. Now you can get your favorite car without paying for anything except for car hire services!

What benefits will you get from this new service?

  • Cost saving, particularly for customers who rent vehicles for making a living.
  • Simplified system of transaction processing and pre-authorized payments for non-residents.
  • Insurance franchise from 0% in case of accident.

What does the offer “No deposit car rental” include?

Deposit 0%

(customers are exempt from paying the deposit)

For drivers who are over 23
Driving experience is more than 2 years
Rent a car for more than 3 days
Unlimited mileage
It does not cover “premium” and “4x4”cars

This is not the only special offer from our company. There are lots of surprises for regular customers: discounts and bonus savings, child seats free of charge, GPS-navigation devices, etc.

Discover bargain car rental deals from Narscars!