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4.4 / Gasoline / АТ
Range Rover- Narscars
  • Body type XFAR
  • Engine4.4 L 339 hp
  • Transmission type АТ
  • Fuel type Gasoline
  • Fuel consumption (average)14.2 L
Rental prices
1-3 days 385$ /per day
4-9 days 325$ /per day
10-25 days 285$ /per day
26+ days 235$ /per day

Rent a Range Rover in Odesa

The Range Rover is a legendary classic from the luxury brand. A full-size four-wheel drive SUV from a recognizable British concern plant with a recognizable appearance is perfect for businessmen or people who love comfort and premium quality.

4.4 liter gasoline engine, 8-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel drive and a high ground clearance of 220mm will cope with any roads, and the independent suspension will maintain stability. Keeping pace with the times, Range Rover combines style, innovation and dynamic design to enhance its owner's status.

The car interior is a realm of luxury, sophistication, exclusive finishing materials, uncompromising comfort and ergonomics.
Range Rover is a car that will leave unforgettable emotions and impressions from its use.

You can easily rent a premium SUV in Odesa at Narscars. To do this, you need to call us by phone or leave a request on the website, or write on social networks. You can pick up the car at the pick-up point or order targeted delivery.

Range Rover is able to impress even the most sophisticated motorist.

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