Rent Volkswagen Golf VII in Odessa

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1.4 / Gasoline / АТ
Volkswagen Golf VII- Narscars
  • Body type CDAR
  • Engine1.4 L 140 hp
  • Transmission type АТ
  • Fuel type Gasoline
  • Fuel consumption (average)5.3 L
1-3 days 66$ /per day
4-9 days 61$ /per day
10-25 days 58$ /per day
26+ days 45$ /per day

Rent Volkswagen Golf VII in Odesa

The 7th generation Volkswagen Golf is a compact hatchback from the German car industry, which is famous for its dynamics, build quality and finishing materials. In 2013, the Golf VII generation became the car of the year in Europe, the USA and Japan, and what is noteworthy earlier in Japan, only Japanese cars were awarded this title. This compact hatchback is perfect for renting to people who want to drive a dynamic, safe and easy to drive car.

Equipped with a 1.4 liter engine with 140 hp. this kid will not let you get bored on the road, especially on the highway. The automatic transmission simplifies driving, and low fuel consumption makes the Volkswagen Golf a great option for getting around the city. Not big from the outside, but roomy inside, the Volkswagen Golf can easily accommodate 4 people.

Advantages of FV Golf 7:

  • Dynamism.
  • Small fuel consumption.
  • Compactness.
  • Manufacturability.

To rent a WV Golf in Odesa, you will need a passport, TIN (for citizens of Ukraine) and a driver's license. Our customers can rent a car with Full insurance or with a deposit. When renting with Full Insurance, the client is exempted from any liability in case of damage to the car body, whether it be serious damage in an accident or a small amount. But in this case, the amount of rent for a car will be higher than with a deposit.

If the client rents a car with a deposit, then in case of damage to it, the repair amount will be withdrawn from the deposit (in whole or in part).

For more information on both rental options, call us at the number listed on the site.

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