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Car Rental in Zaporizhzhia

Car rent Zaporozhye

If you are tired of the overcrowded buses and carrying the heavy bags from the supermarket, there is a solution - a car rental in Zaporizhzhia will become much more comfortable with personal transport! Economy class will be suitable for the daily life of a large family, with a Smart, you will park without any problems, and in special cases, you can rent a premium-class car. NarsCars Company offers a short-term as well as long-term car rental in Zaporizhzhia. It’s possible to make an order online or sign a contract in our office.

Situations When a Car Rental in Zaporizhzhia Is an Ideal Solution

Among those who want to rent a car are the representatives of different professions and ages. Most often, our clients are:

  • Tourists who want to see the sights;
  • Businessmen who are interested in quick and comfortable movement;
  • Citizens who want to organize a transfer during a wedding, for business partners, guests at a family celebration, etc.;
  • Car owners whose personal car is under repair.

Regardless of the purpose of the rental, a car for rent is much more profitable than purchasing and maintaining your own vehicle.

Car hire Zaporozhye

Car for Rent in Zaporizhzhia in NarsCars Company

The first step before choosing a car for rent in Zaporizhzhia is a consultation. A representative of NarsCars Company will help to find a car that will 100% meet the client’s needs and financial requirements as well as inform the exact cost of the rental.

Before you rent a car, we recommend taking into account the following parameters:

  • Car class and model. In the catalog, you will find any variant, from the low-cost cars of the economy class to the presentable premium-class cars. Spacious minivans and vans are also available for a reservation.
  • Term. Long-term car rental (more than 25 days) is the most profitable. The established mileage limit is 300 km per day (excess kilometers are paid additionally). Hourly car rental is also possible.
  • Deposit. You can choose a car rental with or without a deposit. A deposit amount depends on the car’s class. The return is made upon return of the vehicle to a lessor.
  • Additional options and services (child safety seat, air conditioning, GPS navigator, delivery to the customer’s address, etc.).

These factors will affect the final cost of the rental. Car rental is possible both online and offline, in the office of NarsCars Company. When ordering a car on the website, you are granted a 15% discount.

Rent a car in Zaporozhye

How to Rent a Car in Zaporizhzhia

The most comfortable car rental in Zaporizhzhia is available with us: cheap, safe, and at any convenient time. To rent a vehicle, the clients of NarsCars Company need to:

  • Reach the age of 23;
  • Have at least 2 years of driving experience;
  • Provide a package of documents (passport, taxpayer ID, international driver’s license).

When making car rental arrangements, you will be able to pick up the vehicle by yourself from the company’s fleet or order a car delivery at the time and place specified by you. Both cash and Visa/Mastercard are accepted for payment.

NarsCars: Advantages of a Car Rental in Zaporizhzhia

  1. A large selection of new cars. A leaser gets the filled up car, and the cost of each model already includes insurance;
  2. Favorable prices;
  3. Loyalty program for regular and new clients;
  4. Car rental with a minimum package of documents and without a deposit;
  5. A large selection of additional gadgets and services for the most comfortable and safe trips.

If you still have any questions, we are ready to answer them. Waiting for your calls and messages!