Nissan car rental is more profitable than you thought

Short-term or long-term Nissan rental at NarsCars is a profitable and convenient service for those who need a reliable, economical and comfortable car.

  • The company's fleet includes a wide range of cars: from compact urban electric vehicles to crossovers. You can rent a Nissan car of any class or model.
  • Rental rates depend on the rental period of the vehicle. The longer the rental period for a Nissan car, the more profitable it is to use the services of NarsCars.
  • To rent a car, it is enough to present a minimum set of documents: a passport, an identification code and a driver's license.
  • At the request of the client, cars are equipped with additional equipment. You can order the installation of a GPS navigator, a Wi-Fi router or a child seat.

If you need to order a Nissan rental in Kiev, just contact the NarsCars office. Need to rent a car in Dnipro? Our representations are in many regions of Ukraine: in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro, Lvov and other large cities. In any of them you can rent a car you need for travel, business trips or daily use.

To book a car, leave a request on the website or call - we are always happy to help!