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Rating 4.9/5
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Car rental of middle class in Kharkov

The most extensive and dynamically developing segment of the automotive industry is the so-called "C" class of cars, which includes models of small (compact, golf) and simply middle class with increased comfort. The difference between them lies in the sizes:

  • the first ones are up to 4.6 meters long, up to 1.75 meters wide;
  • the second - length up to 4.8, width up to 1.8.

Transport of this category forms the basis of the fleet of any rental company, since it is in steady demand from customers. So, middle class car rental in Kharkiv is in demand among city guests (tourists and businessmen), university students, Kharkiv citizens themselves, whose own car, for example, is being repaired. People value cars in this category for their agility on the road, economy and practicality.

Budget and prestigious

Using the service of renting a city car, for a very affordable price per day, you will receive a solid, large car in which 4 adult passengers and a driver will feel comfortable. A spacious luggage compartment will allow you to place purchases or everything you need for out-of-town trips. Another name for this segment - "family" fully reflects the purpose of the cars, especially since you can choose any suitable body type: station wagon, sedan, hatchback and a set of options.

The ability to rent a middle class car in Kharkiv at NarsCars at any time means:

  • selection of a vehicle by make and model from an extensive vehicle fleet;
  • if necessary, additionally equip the car with a car seat, navigator, video recorder, etc .;
  • do not worry about safety - all our cars undergo regular maintenance.

In a word, these cars are perfect for people who value the optimal combination of convenience and price.

Popular models

We have selected one of the largest family-type vehicle fleets in the rental of Ukraine and constantly supplement it with new products. Car rental of a middle class in Kharkiv is possible on any day of the week 24/7. Various modifications are offered to your attention:

  • Volkswagen is an elegant, solid, reliable car for representative purposes;
  • Ford - spacious, economical, with a large trunk;
  • Seat - functional, stylish and agile;
  • Mazda is a compact city car with an economical engine;
  • The Mini Cooper is an economical small car, ideal for narrow city streets.

You can also place an order for inexpensive Opel, Renault, Peugeot, Nissan, Kia, Toyota, Hyundai, Chevrolet and other brands on our online service.

Benefits of cooperation with NarsCars:

  • flexible pricing policy - the minimum rental price is $ 29 / day (Toyota Prius), however, we constantly conduct promotions, some models have pleasant discounts;
  • transparent and favorable conditions - each car is protected by an insurance policy and a comprehensive hull insurance policy, an option to reduce liability is possible, rent with or without a deposit;
  • Concierge service - 24/7 customer support in any unforeseen situations.

At your request, we will organize the delivery of the vehicle to the office, train station, airport at the specified time. With us - maximum convenience and minimum red tape, choose a car and book!