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Rating 4.7/5
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Economy class cars are most in demand in everyday trips around Kharkov and beyond. Renting inexpensive cars is an opportunity to temporarily replace a broken car or to get freedom of movement at the right time with minimal costs.

What are economy class cars?

An economy class car does not mean an old or uncomfortable car. They owe their low price to the absence of frills, which does not interfere with a free and comfortable ride at all.

Economy cars are chosen for:

  • simple control;
  • small size;
  • economical consumption of gasoline;
  • affordable rental price.

The choice of an inexpensive car is carried out depending on the tasks. Vehicles differ in body type, fuel, transmission, as well as in engine size and number of doors. For example, you can rent Skoda, Chevrole, Daewoo or other brands of cars.

What to look for when renting a car?

The main pillars on which economy class car rental is built are:

  • age, make and parameters of the car;
  • insurance coverage;
  • availability of collateral;
  • ordering additional services.

For rent, it is optimal to choose a car no older than 4-5 years - this increases the likelihood that the transport will not let you down at the most unexpected moment. Even inexpensive cars of our company are foreign cars of recent years, which regularly undergo technical inspection.

How to rent an inexpensive car in Kharkov?

Our NarsCars service provides a free compulsory insurance policy for MTPL, but we do not limit you - the insurance can be expanded at the request of the client.

When renting our car without a driver, we do not take a deposit to cover possible damage to the car. The deposit that you leave at the conclusion of the contract is a guarantee of compliance with mutual agreements (timely return, cleanliness of the cabin and fullness of the fuel tank). We offer a wide range of additional services and equipment that will take your economy class car to a new level.

To book an inexpensive car, you just need to contact our company NarsCars in any convenient way and provide a valid passport and driver's license. A TIN is also required from citizens of Ukraine.

Book your Economy car in advance to get an additional discount!