Business class car rental in Kiev
Rating 4.9/5
Rating 4.9/5
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The car is part of the image. Business class cars are valued not only for their high technical characteristics, but also for their presentability. However, to enjoy all their benefits, there is no need to buy an expensive car.

When is it necessary to rent a business class car?

It is especially important to maintain your status in the capital. Business class car rental will come in handy when:

  • you need to make a positive impression on business partners;
  • a celebration or corporate event is planned;
  • the main car is being repaired;
  • I want to test drive the vehicle before buying;
  • you need to meet important guests in Kiev.

How to choose a rental car?

Our fleet of "Business" category includes presentable imported models not older than 2015. All of them are in perfect condition and are regularly serviced. You just have to decide what you want:

  • body type;
  • transmission;
  • engine volume;
  • spaciousness of the trunk;
  • color.

Climate control is in every car. At your request, we can add a child seat, GPS navigator or Wi-Fi router to the car.

Rent a presentable car in Kiev through NarsCars

We have developed a simple and flexible vehicle rental system. By calling NarsCars or leaving a request on the website, you can book a car long before the actual rental date.

We boast a wide range of additional services. The selected car can be served at any time and place, and our operators are ready to help you 24 hours a day via the hotline.

In order for a foreign guest to take a car into the arena in Kiev, you will need a passport and a driver's license. Citizens of Ukraine also need to provide a TIN. You get a compulsory insurance policy for OSAGO free of charge when renting, but you can expand the insurance coverage at will.

Renting a business class car is a profitable financial investment in your own status. Contact our company NarsCars right now to have time to book your ideal car in Kiev for the required date.