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1.6 / Gasoline / АТ
Make: Hyundai
Hyundai Elantra- Narscars
Make: Hyundai
  • Body type CDAR
  • Engine1.6 L 128 hp
  • Transmission type АТ
  • Fuel type Gasoline
  • Fuel consumption (average)8.9 L
1-3 days 40$ /per day
4-9 days 37$ /per day
10-25 days 33$ /per day
26+ days 30$ /per day

Choosing a modern, well-equipped but relatively affordable car? Take advantage of Hyundai Elantra rental service! Front wheel drive sedan class «C» ideal for trips within the city, as well as for long trips around the country. Excellent handling, ergonomic interior, designed for 5 people, and a smooth ride, even on the problematic surface – these are just a few of the benefits of the Hyundai Elantra.

The improved design of the rear bumper and the location of the headlights guarantee excellent visibility in the dark and safe driving. Gasoline is extremely economical – Hyundai Elantra is among the top ten cars that use fuel the most efficiently. Ultra-quality and pleasant to the touch interior materials bring the Hyundai Elantra to the Premium segment. The air conditioning system evenly distributes the air flow and maintains the required temperature in all corners of the cabin.

Hyundai Elantra rental features

The final rental price depends on the rental period. You can rent the Hyundai Elantra for just a day or for a longer period. In the car, you can add Wi-Fi, GPS and a child car seat (on request).

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